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Valen Antel

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Valen Antel is my own home build gaming world.

Although originally designed for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying, I have adopted it over the years for Dungeons and Dragons.

Valen Antel was once a High Fantasy world, where teleportation was everywhere, Gypsy caravans sold Holy Avengers and Dragons lived in every city.

That of course, has changed over the centuries, and now its a cold world, populated mostly by Humans, with fantastical races being pushed out to the frontiers, where they jealously hold on to what little land they have left.

It is a world that I use for all my home brewed adventures.

Your adventures begin in the humble towns of Wallfen and Cornbridge. Where you learn what the big wide world is all about. But it doesn't take long before your off on own in search of the Mystic Weapons!

Valen Antel has one undying feature that has survived throughout time, and that is


Owned by the renowned Dwarven Warrior, Ringo, The Pittbull is a hidden tavern accessable only by aincient secrets and passagways known only to a few. It is a place for adventures to rest and discover new quests. It is also a place that the savey traveler can use to travel quickly from one side of Valen Antel to another.

So, after your child years, or listening to the elders tell tales of Heroes long dead, around the firepit in the Twin Horse tavern in Wallfen, are you ready to make a name for yourself?

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