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Shadows Crossing 1

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Chapter One: The Novice
The many aspects of darkness, color the way you perceive things. We strive to understand the meaningless, it is our very nature. If we can name the unnamable we develop power. This very property is beyond most of us except for the unbound, the awakened.
Seun shoved the book away from her in impatience. Her master had told her once she understood the bookís meaning she would truly be a mage in her own right.
She sighed, she had awakened little more than a month ago and yet she had yet to be taught any magic! She had been told that names held a certain type of power and yet she had to make a new one? It made absolutely no sense!
Thatís because youíre a novice, she thought to herself angrily, Master wonít teach you until you learn to listen and focus!
It made her angry, but it was the truth plain and simple. Until she learned self control and patience she would not learn anything from her master, who indeed hadnít told her what to call him!
Seun took off her bifocals, rubbed her eyes, and placed them back on her face. After shoving a piece of her short, jet-black locks behind an ear she leaned over and continued to read.

<This is chapter one>

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