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Hello, my name is John and I reside outside of Annapolis MD.

I first started playing games at a young age as any child, but probably moved on to the harder games younger than most. As soon as I could see over the dining room table an observe my father playing chess, I started to play chess. My parents gave me my first wargame, Pea Ridge when I was 11. I was playing Poker, Casino and Pitch before that.

A couple of years later, while visiting my Grandfather, I was at the local library branch and was introduced to D&D. I loved it. However, two things kept me from playing much, I was pretty poor and my mother thought it was diabolical (growing up in the Bible Belt was interesting to say the least, I didn't know who Meatloaf, nor could play D&D, but my brother and I were allowed to buy anything with Kiss on the cover).

I continued to play here and there and even was able to scrap enough together to get Gang Busters. I graduated high school in 1986 and moved to central California and I soon discovered Battletech. I shortly thereafter went in the military and played both wargames and rpgs as time allowed.
1992 found me in central California again just in time for the Magic the Gathering craze.

A couple of years later I was back on the east coast (Maryland), was married and in 1996 started college(New York). With a full time job, a wife and taking a full coarse load I didn't find much time to game. Additionally, money was always tight. Next thing you know, college is over and my career took off.

The night before my anniversary and as we were packing for a trip to Las Vegas, my wife told me she was pregnant. We moved back down to Maryland in November 2001 and my beautiful daughter was born in January 2002. And we bought a house in May.

During that time I had picked up the 3rd edition DMG, PH and MM and the d20 Manual. I had gotten rid of all my 2nd edition and 2.5 edition years before so was eager to get back into gaming. I hated 3rd edition D&D, but loved the concept behind d20 Modern. One problem however, no one to game with.

I tried getting a video game console and went with an Xbox so I could game with people. However that left me unsatisfied and I trying to find hobby shops. I found a WotC store in a semi-local mall (about 20 miles) but it closed down shortly after I started looking around. I was looking into Games Workshop as there are a ton of them around here as Baltimore is a major center for GW here in America. I loved 1st edition WHFRP, but they weren't sure when a new edtion would come out.

Anyway, in 2007 I found a true game store in Glen Burnie just south of Baltimore. It had tons of games and when I walked upstairs there was a Battletech game going on. I found out that Battletech was coming back and new books would be out later in the year. So I currently am playing Battletech at the store every few months and have a monthly game I participate in.

I really wanted to start roleplaying again, so I tried to figure out what was out. I was tired of the cliched fantasy and wanted something substainsle. I found a bunch of Traveller stuff cheap, but couldn't find any interest. I started looking for d20 Modern/Future materials, but most aren't in print anymore. But I did find Spycraft 2nd edition and that is pretty close to d20 so I'm going to try that out.

My next step is finding a group. I've never played online before (I've played a MMORPG, Puzzle Pirates, but not a regular rpg), but am going to give it a try. I'm going to try and use Obsidian Portal also and Maptools. So I decided to keep track of my progress here.

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