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Starvin the Danger Gull

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We went to a beech in Mississippi today called "Gulfport". It was pretty alright except for the random sunburn on my arms and face but it's not so bad so I can deal.

My leg is feeling better after being thrown from my bike off a car.

And I think I owe this fine day to the 6 or 7 4-5- and 6 leaf clovers I brought with me today unknowingly. See my Necronomicon is what I used to press some clovers when I found them and thinking, "Warm sun, Perfect water, outside with the family I secretly hate....I should bring the book of the dead!"

Yep. While we were there I made a friend. Starvin the Danger Gull. A seagull so incredibly hungry that he decided to sit and chirp at us for hours withing 3ft of my hand.

Half tempted to reach out and strangle the little f*ck*r he released this...I don't know...kaw? This solem little....kaw...It was perfect. Melted my heart. I swear he shed a tear...

Anyway I busted out some ruffles and we talked about the weather, politics, zombie contingency plans, favorite hockey teams and stars (gulls are Penguins fans as it turns out. Since they're the closest to a Gull representative.)

But most of all we talked about favorite games. Turns out he's a HUGE Spycraft fan, so I turned him over to this site and he said he'd make an account next time he manages his way to a computer.

Gulls are very crafty like that.

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Updated 07-16-2009 at 07:30 PM by Soft Serve

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