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Scepter Tower of Spellgard [Part 3]

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The party woke early the next morning. As they entered the common room they could smell the eggs and sausage Brother Thanterim was preparing for breakfast. As they grabbed plates and started eating, another of the monks asked for some assistance.

Yannik Johastra needed some extra hands to repair a fallen arch. He had the stone repaired already, he just needed some folks to hold them steady while he mortared them in place. Fez said they might be able to help, they just had to check with their other companion, Thadius, before agreeing.

Not too long after Thadius walked in with several books in his arms. Miabe started to discuss the Annalects of Kuryon, which discussed the creator of the Monastery of the Precipice's meeting with Lady Saharel's spirit. She was convinced that one of the clues the Annalects revealed was that the Lady would appear in moonlight from a full moon only. Thadius did not agree, he was trying to say that what it suggested was entering her tower, but Miabe kept cutting him off reading passages from the Annalects that mentioned moonlight. Brother Tunagall piped in with a warning, that creatures prowled the ruins at night it would be wise to be indoors when the sun went down.

Fez and Alerat offered to help Yannik with the arches. Thadius and Miabe would come along as well, but bring their books so they could continue to debate what course of action they should take.

Their plan was dashed when they arrived at the arch, several kobolds were scurrying over the pile of cut stone. When Yannik and the others arrived the kobolds grabbed the keystone, 2 of them ran off with the stone while several others move to block the party from chaing. Yannik yelled for them to get the stone back, it was important to the arch.

Alerat pushed past the first couple kobolds but before he could get to the one carrying the stone more kobolds popped out from behind some rubble and took shots at him with their slings. The rest of the party started fighting with the kobolds that hadn't run off. Alerat continued to chase the kobold carrying the stone; until another wandering beast appeard, an ochre jelly.

The kobolds carrying the stone had gotten to close already, and the jelly crushed them. It then turned its attention to Alerat, and the rest of the group.

It was a close call but the party managed to dispatch all the remaining kobolds as well as the jelly. They returned to the monastery afterwards. Fez had taken some serious injuries and had been knocked unconcious by the jelly and was in need of rest.

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Updated 07-12-2009 at 08:22 PM by Q-man

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