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Kimbro Kronicles

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A BLOG for ME? To just post all the D&D stuff I have in my head? Oh that's very dangerous. I have 25 years of things that I thought NOBODY could understand- because no site anywhere has been exclusively for gamers- AND if they were only two or three people and their kid brother ever showed up .

I HAVE no idea how many people are in this place- but I am enthralled- and I feel that I can open my D&D notes for the first time on line and have somebody read and appreciate them!

Where do I start?
After much digging i found this bit of flotsam written years ago that best explains WHO I am- and WHERE I come from:

What to do with an aging campaign

My name is Jerry Kimbro; and I have been a wargamer for 35 years and a fantasy roleplayer for 32 years. I first started playing wargames against my best friend Mike in high school. He won every battle in every wargame. And we fought the big ones: Napoleonic battles (Waterloo, Trafalgar), American Civil War (Gettysburg), Medieval (Kingmaker), World War 1(Red Baron), WW2 (Third Reich), We even fought every single battle of the Thirty Years War.

Finally, I took refuge in a fantasy wargame recreating the battles of the Hyborian Age of Conan the Barbarian (by Robert E Howard). Each country of Conanís time had a standing army; and though I lost all the continent to my friend's Turanians (yes - even Aquilonia!) I was able to turn our interests away from historical battles to fantasy role gaming.

Our first fantasy role playing game was Metamorphosis Alphawhich was a science fiction-fantasy role playing. Mutants and radiation; robots and laser guns. It later became known as the post atomic war game Gamma World. Mike only played it with figures and he had by now gone into fantasy kinds. (Originally Mike collected only Napoleonics which he meticulously hand painted. This was his original interest in figures and gaming).

The effect of this was to limit our games; but I will never forget the clever scenarios we made up with these figures. Mike's Star Wars bars scenario had some 100 actual figures in it to interact with.

It was only in college we switched to imaginary realms on pencil & paper. And of course we discovered Dungeons & Dragons.

I became a DM my first quarter in college at Florida State University in 1978. I ordered a box set of the books & the new Monster Manual direct from TSR in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. (It is the 1978 first edition. I only recently retired it as it was falling to pieces...) Of course my real goal was to team up with Mike who had gotten all the addendum booklets (Eldritch Wizardry, Grayhawk etc) to add to the original set of three rule books (Monster Manual, Players Handbook, Dungeonmasterís Guide).

Our first dungeon was a death trap we co-ran in the FSU wargamers club. In fact all through college we ran the wargamers club (usually with a hang over). But somewhere in that time frame; I split off from Mike and ran my own world. I still run it and its over thirty years old.

So I figure its fairly unique. My notes on it are voluminous. I worked on it in most of my free time for years (no money- cheap date) and derived tremendous pleasurefrom it.

Now I have decided to print up my notes for all you other gamers out there. I play the actual game less and less. But there have been dozens of players in my world since itstarted. The characters history was noted by me & fills two volumes... (more on that later). Some of it was actually quite good I think. I hope you enjoy reading them

(Oh whatever happened to Mike? He got a degree in Napoleonic history and went on to study law. He probably still wins all the wargames he plays.)

MORE to come?

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Updated 01-19-2009 at 11:12 AM by jerrykimbro

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  1. cplmac's Avatar
    Looking forward to reading your campaign notes of the games.
  2. jerrykimbro's Avatar
    The campaign adventures I wrote up after each session in order to assign experience points. In time they came to almost be like a novel and they filled a notebook I whimisically named "the Book of Years." Things got really crazy when i made that book a found magic item in the campaign- and during the games it continued to be updated- so the players saw a book of thier adventures that was writing itself!

    It was a great concept that had many repercussions- for one thing party backstabbing and treachery became impossible as players could read about whatever the other players were doing...

    I still have The Book of Years. I think it would make a great fantasy novel.
  3. nijineko's Avatar
    i avidly look forward to anything and everything that you could put online from your notes! please scan everything so as to create an archive for gaming posterity! ^^