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The Brooding City Chp 7 Temple of the Hungry Eye

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The aftermath of the burning of the Havenhold Asylum left a known Psionic murderer, Ikam Vaas free and a strange young girl of psionic power called Baby A. Baby A, now called Adeline by Srieska and Professor Gray shows no more of her powerful Psionic abilities but continues to converse with the her resistance liberators with her telepathy. Srieska converses with normally but at times the girl will go off on a tangent and described horrible and vivid visions of death and torture. Professor Gray can only converse with her if actively participating in her play time where she gives fascinating insights of the cosmos via child like analogy. The dwarven red brick tavern keeper discovers she answers any question he asks her but only 72 seconds later. For Garrick, the child does not communicate, though he would not notice since he had be preoccupied trying to track down Ikam.

After a prolific nightmare by Adeline (that she a shares with Srieska psionically), the young girl is rushed to Professor Gray who discovers that Nathanial may still be alive in a strange temple. Most disturbing is Adeline's response "He is always hungry" and her drawings depicting a decrepit temple of St. Baumus. Her other drawings alo reveal a creature that Professor Gray fears may be a beholder or manifestation of the Patient One, an ancient abberation god.

Travelling to the now abandon Street of the Gods, lined of ruined temples destroyed by the Masters, Srieska and Professor Gray discover a secret passage into the temple and travel through the passageways avoiding guard posts, slaying a Phantom Fungus and a pair of skeletons. They descend some stairs into strange cave like passages. After a fight with some large ants the size of dogs they probe further and spot several insect men armed with axes in the strange cave like labyrinth. Feeling the need for reinforcements, they return back to their district to find Garrit.

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Updated 07-11-2009 at 07:39 AM by wizarddog

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