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looking for a game

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Well its july 8th and i'm looking for a game to play,D&D game.i love to roleplay and make believe. sounds funny but it's nice to get away from things, real life can get boring and down right sucky. So i must find some friends online to play.... i've found openrpg and Maptools for playing D&D online, never done it before but will give it a try. I made up a charactor, it's a figher eladrin some kind of new elf in 4E,the sound like a cool race being able to teleport.... it's called fey step. he has orther powers to like brute strick and stuff, it's more like a speical ablity but they call it powers.ummmm what else.....Arn grew up with half-lings,yes his name is Arn. the half-lings where on grave duty and promised to raise a dieing Eladrins son. The liveing relative of the Eladrin child were angry that the halflings took there nefhew. So that was it, i spent the best of my child hood banging my head on door beams and hanging lamps. everybody wanted me to work for them, i could lift and out reach all of them but i was alway int the way at formal settings. My step father was the town blacksmith,__NEED NAME TO TOWN__was a small town but big in renoun. Arn learned the blacksmithing trade, in his spare time his father made him his own armor.. eight ringed chainmail with a great helm, along with a bastard sword with a engraved hilt and pumal. when he became 12 he was sent to his aunt and uncle in there Eladrin kindom. there he learned about his Eladrin side. the fey step was the hardest to learn, disappearing and apearing like that was weird at first but became quite use to it in a short time. Once he learned everything he could at his ancestral home but something was missing, can't quite put his finger on it. It's as though they were keeping something from him. some day maybe they will tell him. so he left the ancint Eladrin kingdom to pursue this life on the open road, time for some adventure.

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Updated 07-08-2009 at 10:26 PM by berginyon (adding)

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  1. Dragon_wolf's Avatar
    Good start. If you have time, flesh it out a bit, if you made your character with Character Builder then you can choose a background from there even.