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my house rules

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I think that every dm or ref does something different than the rules state. Here are some of mine. my game is 3.5 D&D

Combat: I have inititiave rolled every round. I personally like the chaos that ensues with people sweating whether or not they will be in a bad pickel. Some claim it takes longer, we have been doing it for so long its second nature.

For this current campaign, I used the actually con score + con modifier for starting hit points. It allowed me to be tougher on the players and gave them a little more lee way.

Non class skills now cost one point but are still limited. I believe it allows the players a little more flexibility in choosing some skills that they may want to try.

I have done feats every other level instead of every third. There are so many feats out there that it is difficult to pick and chose.

I took a rule from 4th and am allowing two stat increases every 4 levels. The players are the stars and should be treated as such.

Also with the background information given to me by the player, I give them a free feat, usually a skills style feat. I also try to make them from sources they may not have.


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  1. korhal23's Avatar
    You know, I used to like static initiative, when I first started playing. The I liked rerolling every round. But once I discovered fluid initiative, where your actions determine your bonus or penalty to initiative for next round, everything else pales in comparison.