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The horror of Yukon

amateur review of Munchkin Quest

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I figure the game "Munchkin" belongs on this site, but probably in general chatter.

If you don't know anything about this game, refer to for more info. In short, it is sort of a parody of fantasy RPG's. The goal is to explore the dungeon, kill the monsters, and steal their stuff. Technically, the goal is to reach level 10 before anyone else.

Originally, this game was developed as a card game. Not really like Magic: the gathering. More so like Milles Borne or Pit.

The game is hilarious, but actually has really good game mechanics. Munchkin, its expansions, and spinoffs have received numerous awards. Recently, the game has been expanded into the realm of board games as Munchkin Quest.

In the game, you explore a real dungeon, which can change with every game you play. You still fight monsters and steal their stuff, but there are subtle differences. If you don't kill the monster, they stick around and roam the dungeon. Even if you reach level 10, you have to escape the dungeon and fight the "boss" monster who is always level 20, no matter what.

Also, each room has different bonuses and penalties. One example is the "odd room." In this room, if your level is odd, you get bonuses, but if it is even, you get penalties. Another is the soundproof room, where you can't get help from anyone, and you can't help anyone.

The play is similar to the card game, but is more dynamic, and actually works for two players. It is fun, intriguing, and a bunch of laughs.

My main problem with it is the time. To me, the ideal time length of a game is 1 hr. Anything shorter is not satisfying, and anything longer drags on and drains your excitement. An average game lasts 3 hrs. Compounded to this is how long one person's turn takes. However, a way to speed up the frequency of player's turns is to decrease the amount of movement a player can partake in. Normally you get three movement, but if you decrease it to 2, the frequency is much more satisfactory.

In general, I recommend it. It is a nice game for a change of pace and for a couple of laughs. It only requires 2 people, so if only half your group shows up, you can play that as an alternative and not waste the night.

The rules are complicated at first, but if you have played Munchkin before, it is very easy to pick up. Also, for any RPG player, the rules aren't anymore complicated than a true P&PG, so you should all be fine.

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