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The Angelics: new digital world

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Bacchus returned to the PC's through a dream and quested them to deliver a lost item to the stone seers. Their bodies encased in an ambrosia gel to preserve them, the characters found themselves in new bodies in new world where everyone lived a digital life as well as real, and the line between reality and the virtual were crossed from birth.

The party soon discovered their powers worked differently in this world, and have yet discovered how to feed. The Order of Hermes, quasi peace enforcers, net adepts trained from birth to keep order, were rumored to have the largest data store in the world, and the party decided to seek knowledge by infiltrating this great force.

They befriended an AI of exceptional talent but an enigma they don't all together trust.

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Updated 07-09-2009 at 04:00 PM by ronpyatt

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  1. ronpyatt's Avatar
    I took a page from the Suzerain RPG and pulled the players into a new genre, cybernet.

    This has been a fun One-shot turned mini-campaign. 10 sessions so far, and I don't see a conclusion to the story, yet.