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Doom Crow

A DM's Worldcrafting Experience

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Greetings. This is the first entry in what will become an account of my experience in building upon the world I created late last year. My goal is to document my ideas, dilemmas, roadblocks and inspirations as I develop something I wish to someday see published. Whether that goal comes to fruition is not my main focus today, but rather the experience itself so that I may use this as a learning experience and a chance to exercise my creative powers.

As I said I created my world late last year and have already ran a campaign in it. Sadly though, schedule conflicts arose amongst my players and we stopped playing several months into the campaign. We never got the chance to resume it, for I moved back to California with my wife. I wish to run another campaign in this world, this time on a different continent than the last, so I will begin developing new content.

Throughout my blog entries, I welcome any feedback you may have.

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Updated 07-28-2009 at 08:39 AM by Doom Crow

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