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Scepter Tower of Spellgard [Part 2]

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After defeating the goblins the party journeyed onward. Things were quiet until they reached the Fallen Lands. Alerat noticed something unusual sitting in the trees on the side of the road. Before anyone had time to react stirges began coming out of the trees and toward Alerat and Miabe.

Everyone quickly jumped out of their cart to fend off the flying pests. It was disturbing to think that the blood flowing from the wounds they gave the stirges was their own, sucked out when the stirges attacked. Fortunately the stirges did not last long and were quickly cut down.

The remainder of the trip was uneventful. They arrived at the Monastery of the Precipice late in the day. Thadius was relieved to be able to leave the cart and wanted to rush inside. Alerat, Fez, and Miabe weren't as ready to just rush inside. They were concerned that Thadius' report that there was little danger in the SpellGard Ruins was wrong, and they feared another attack.

Thadius was waiting by the door anxious to go inside, while the others were waiting by the cart deciding what to do. Unfortunately Thadius overheard a comment that he wasn't fully trusted. Thadius tried to interject, but was sternly told that it was a private conversation so he remained quiet.

In the end the party chose to go in. They were releived to find that all was well, nothing dangerous was waiting inside. Brother Tunagall greeted them inside and offered them rooms for as long as they needed. He mentioned that some seekers waited for weeks or longer for Lady Saharel to appear. Miabe seemed a little distressed that they might be stuck in the ruins that long. Fez asked what types of monks they were: prayin and singing monks, no talking aloud munks, or brewing monks? Turnagall replied that they could be called brewing monks since they traded the whiskey they brewed to a clan of dwarves for other supplies. Turnagall also pointed out Thurr Gargengrim, a member of that dwarven clan. Fez was pleased to see another dwarf, and went over to introduce himself.

Thurr Gargengrim was plan about how he felt about the seekers and their questions for the spirit, it was a foolish gambit. Despite that he made some gold on the side selling construction tools to the seekers, apparently they believed that repairing the fortress might win the favor of Lady Saharel. He also warned that its been getting dangerous in the ruins lately. Many seekers have gone out and never returned. Brother Tunagall had cleared out several rooms of personal items when the seekers never returned.

The party all took rooms for the night. As they were heading to their rooms Thuff offered to share a drink with Fez, and bought a bottle of the monastery's whiskey. Fez declined though, much to the surprise of Alerat. He'd never seen a dwarf turn down a free drink before.

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