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Last night I was rummaging through my stuff and found my boxed set of original D&D from the 1974 printing. I had gotten the box set for christmas of 1975 and started my first game in May of 1976 with one player. It soon blossomed into a rotating group of 16 at a public library and was very noisy. Fortunately the room was pretty sound proof from the main library.
I remember going to a convention and finding Greyhawk, Blackmoor and Eldritch Wizardry and spending all my money on these books. Items from those three books found their way into my campaign.
I also discovered Arduin and the corresponding three books and much of them was brought into the game.
I also remember the excitement of the monster manual, orginal ph and dmg when they came out.
From the group of 16 came a core of six guys and we played every other sunday at a friends place. That group hung together for five or six years before school and work broke it up. Soon afterword came a new group who lived more locally and a new group of six guys were immeshed in my game. Part of this group is still with me today some 29 years later.
There were additional groups and when second ed was introduced we went through the changes with a fine tooth comb and went on adventuring with nary a stop.
Third edition introduced me to a new group of players, many younger than the life of my game and more fun to be had.
Its been 34 years since I started this and I still really enjoy designing adventures and my still growing campaign setting. My estimates that over one seventy five players have passed through the confines of my campaign setting. The setting itself has gone through ages corresponding to the editions of D&D and AD&D, except for 4th.
Too much passion for the game I guess but I found it so much more enjoyable than sitting in front of the TV set over the years.

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