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nijineko's world

class, prestige, race, and ecl

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classes, prestige, and races from allowed materials are all acceptable. when selecting a race that has an ecl, it must total less than the level limit for the campaign in question, whatever that may be. picking a race that does not have an ecl or racial class equivalent might fall under the 'i want to pick...' post, and will certainly require close work with me to come up with the ecl. if the final ecl calculation (using the rules and suggestions in savage species) is under the level limit for that particular campaign, then it will be permitted. with regards to ecl, keep in mind the buy-off rules from the unearthed arcana.

on a personal note, taken from experience, playing an high-ecl race with only one character level when everyone else has nearly maxed out a prestige or two is not as fun as it sounds at first. the stat boosts and special abilities are not typically on a par with character level abilities.

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