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nijineko's world

"Bribe the DM" (limited)

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this dm accepts "bribes" to consider materials and content that are not on the allowed and not on the disallowed lists. this usually means a third party publication, or an exception to some campaign specific rule, or an optional rule not currently in use in a given campaign.

if you wish to use third party published material, you must buy, and successfully deliver, a copy legal for me to own. no filesharing pdfs and the like. this means receipts and records of purchase that i can independently confirm with the seller, should it ever be necessary.

i will then review the material for inclusion and placement on the allowed list. a good example of such material is stuff by monte cook.

asking for an exception to some rule will be granted upon receipt of something from one of my wishlists. considering that my wishlists are predominately expensive rpg books, computer software and hardware, or gift cards sufficient to cover said costs, most people do not consider it worth while.

asking for material on the disallowed list to be allowed for use will not be considered, so please do not request that.

i feel comfortable offering this "bribe" option for three reasons:

one, no one has ever taken me up on it. i imagine that most people either do not have the money, or do not wish to spend the money on something so frivolous, and that can usually be achieved some other way within the rules i have already set forth.

two, i am already comfortable with parties consisting of individuals of disparate levels and abilities. it feels much more natural to me, and supports roleplaying in groups of those already inclined to it.

three, i have my own methods for dealing with potential abusers which do not involve simply taking away or neutralizing the thing(s) which they wanted. attempted abusers will find themselves enjoying a pyrrhic victory, if they will even be willing to call it a victory. while i have never had to break out the "big guns" due to the fact that no one has taken me up on the bribe offer, and subsequently attempted to abuse the bribe with multiple items for multiple exceptions... the "big guns" are there, well oiled and kept preserved.

likewise, bribes for things which will unbalance a campaign beyond what i can deal with will be turned down. ALL BRIBES SHOULD BE DISCUSSED WITH ME AHEAD OF TIME, SO THAT I HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO REVIEW THE MATERIAL AT A BOOKSTORE, THAT I MIGHT GIVE INDICATION AS TO WHAT MY ANSWER IS-BEFORE YOU SPEND ANY MONEY!!! online materials will either have to have a special arrangement worked out, or since they are usually cheaper, just buy it for me... most requests will be approved, unless it steps on one of my few oddities. if you are seriously considering this and want to know what the oddities are, just ask. part of the pre-action discussion, and all.

so there it is, not that i really expect to ever have to use it. ^^

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Updated 07-22-2011 at 01:31 AM by nijineko

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