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nijineko's world

Character generation

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i use the method of 3 columns of 6 rows of 4d6 drop the lowest. in order to do this, roll 4d6 six times. each time drop the lowest die of the four, keeping the highest three. this will result in one column of six rolls, like so:


repeat this process two more times, resulting in three columns of six rolls, like so:

12 10 15
09 11 08
17 14 07
13 11 16
10 12 14
12 16 11

pick one column to be your stats. after, and only after the column has been picked, may you change the position of the rolls. this is the process for basic stat generation. stats will be generated within a penandpapergames forum thread, or via some sort of realtime meeting to roll the dice live, be that in person, or online.

feel free to comment any questions.

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  1. XeroDrift's Avatar
    excellently written, very well done, kudos
  2. XeroDrift's Avatar
    of course i refer to the story in its entirety