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Society of the Upper Room – Session 5

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As the party searches the grove for other possible valuables Talos approaches the umpleby, speaks a word and receives something from the creature. He salutes the group vowing to meet up with them again and then departs around the door from which they entered. The perplexed band can only press on as the umpleby points to a dilapidated building across the small stream and says, in poorly accented elven, “out”.

As they approach the stream they see large one-horned bunnies grazing in a garden, a small creature on top of a mound, a grumpy, smelly cow standing by a tree and they can hear a squishing sound coming from behind the tall beanstalks next to the garden. The bold elf, Thalion, leaps across the smooth tree trunk bridge that spans the small stream to see what happens. The bunnies glare at him with mal intent and the umpleby grasps it’s head in pain. A quick leap back has the bunnies back to foraging for goodies but Rummy and Tuan send missiles towards the mole on top of the mound, suspecting that it is behind the umpleby’s discomfort. Arrows and magic strike true sending the wounded creature scuttling down its hole. Tuan crosses the bridge and is charged by the cow whose smell leaves him feeling weak and short of breath. The charge fails to catch the nimble Tuan who starts back across the bridge after fending off charging bunnies.

Tuan stumbles across the bridge and is followed by a less than sure footed Stench Kow into the river below injuring himself slightly. Balim tosses a rope as the squishing noise turns out to be a Flail Snail that begins to plod across the bridge. The bunnies (Al-mi’raj) burrow, fearing more missile attacks from Balim, Phaldara and Thalion. The mole pops up among the beanstalks but is noticed by Rummy who rewards it with a magic missile for its trouble sending it back into its hole forever. Tuan squares off with the Kow taunting it with hit and run tactics and taking wounds in the process while Balim engages the snail. Rummy moves into a better position to attack the snail and Kow but is surprised by the al-mir’aj who surface near him. Three lower their horns and charge Rummy but he is saved from sure impalement as he activates a magical shield to ward their attacks. Phaldara kills a bunny but the remaining rodents fly into a rage taking a stabbing charge at their closest foe. Thalion kills another causing a rage amongst the bunnies again as Balim’s axe proves stronger than the snail’s shell, shattering most of its protective covering. The snail no longer uses it’s flails but instead lets out a piercing wail the rattles Balim’s and Phaldara’s armor and sorely wounds their nearest bunny foe. A battered Tuan puts down the kow with a stab to its lungs and a mace to its head and turns to engage the 2 remaining bunnies with Thalion and Rummy. Phaldara and Balim chop away at the mollusk and remain impervious to its piercing wail as the other three companions finish the raging al-mi’raj.

The group searches the now deserted garden to find a strange magical carrot that promises to hold wondrous powers. Thalion tries to converse with the umpleby but only gleans that “out” is through the dilapidated structure ahead of them. Finding nothing else of interest in the garden the group boldly strides toward the structure.

Looking through the ruined wall. The party sees an odd sight and are greeted by the smell of roasting mushrooms. Floating disk shaped creatures with eyestalks and tendrils attend each other by sticking mushrooms with a sharp appendage beneath their bodies and feeding them to their companions. A portly badger is snoring as it rests against a wall. A wild haired gnome comes up from a small hole in the floor bearing a plate of roasted fungus and announces, “I just brought more campestries from the fire! Who wants seconds?” Noticing the party his pleasant demeanor changes as he says, “This isn’t an adventuring party. It’s for monsters only. Get outta here!” and begins the melee by throwing the plate of food at the group, yelling “Get ‘em, Francis!”.

The five flumphs split up to attack each character. Phaldara goes around the back of the building to attack the gnome. Thalion, Tuan and Balim end up fighting flumphs who prove to be more dangerous than they look with their flyby attacks and ongoing acid damage. Rummy kills Fancis the badger right off the bat with a well placed magic missile but is dismayed when Francis somehow returns to life! Phaldara meets the gnome who offers him a plateful of steaming but still alive campestries whose annoying songs do serious psychic damage to the dragonborn paladin. The thrown campestries begin to move slowly about the battle field and prove so annoying that no one can enter a space they occupy. As in the last battle, Umpleby stands out of the way but glares hungrily at the cooked but still singing campestries. Phaldara attacks the gnome grazing him but then stares in wonder as he fades from sight. He reappears to yell, “I’m a monster! Rrawr!” which rattles the group’s brains for a small amount of damage and focuses his allies allowing them to mark each of the party. In response Balim, Tuan, Thalion and Rummy decimate the flumphs but not without taking piercing, acid coated wounds. Francis gives Balim and Rummy turns killing him and nipping at their shins. Phaldara begins to be concerned as more of the gnome’s thrown plates of campestries take their toll on him. Only when Rummy frees himself of flumph and Francis and sends a flaming sphere near where he thinks the hidden gnome to be does the tide turn. The sphere seriously burns the invisible gnome alerting Phaldara to his position. Phaldara’s dragon rage burns hot as he lunges with his sword to impale the gnome. As he raises his gruesome trophy for his cohorts to see, the un-killable Francis rises again to snatch the body from the sword and tunnels through solid rock to flee the scene.

The umpleby begins to eat-up the roaming campestries much to the party’s relief. Rummy and Balim go down into the small hole which turns out to be a kitchen and notice a suit of scale armor with a sheathed long sword hanging from a hook in the pantry. Once unsheathed the sword bursts into flame to reveal itself as a +1 flaming longsword. Balim happily appraises the armor as Drake Scale +2.

When Thalion and Rummy confront Umpleby about getting out of this place the creature holds out a robe that it indicates will allow the party to leave but he seems to want it in exchange for some of the party’s magic items. Not willing to part with anything Rummy successfully grabs the robe from the umpleby but not without being grabbed himself and taking a small amount of static damage from the beast’s hairy body in the process. The party begins to press forward on the large but seemingly docile creature as if they will take the robe by force but the righteous Thalion will have none of that and stands in the way of their designs. He gives Umpleby his armor (won from the bugbears) and boots (gifted by Jammy) and receives the robe which does prove to let him out along the path that leads from the back of the old building. His companions stare in shock as Thalion starts to walk down the path leaving them in this bizarre prison. Balim offers the umpleby the carrot which they discovered in the garden intending to exchange it for the boots and armor. He receives only the armor and proffers it to Thalion to get him to come back to the party. With a second thought and much discussion Thalion returns to the group and lets them accompany him from the grove. Rummy seems somewhat jaded but feels comfortable embracing a more “unaligned” philosophy. Tuan is disgusted and once free of the grove bounds off in great strides to put distance between himself and those he now considers dupes. Thalion, Balim and Phaldara, being of more like mind, take up the path toward Valmorgen with the cynical Rummy in tow.

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  1. Thalion's Avatar
    Wait... did Tuan take off and leave the group?
  2. Otakar's Avatar
    Tuan did take off and leave the group, for now.
  3. Thalion's Avatar
    Is he going to continue playing with us? I hope he's not upset with me.
  4. Thalion's Avatar
    And I thought you were on vacation! No posting on vacation!
  5. Otakar's Avatar
    Thalion, you asked if Tuan was upset with you. In reality Paul will be gone next session and I'm not sure if he'll continue due to travel time. The character was perplexed with the outcome so I thought that I would write that into the story. Be ready to game as I'll be back from vacation soon.