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Society of the Upper Room Session 4b

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Thalion ponders the quest to rescue Tyla given to the party by Tob and the proffered reward of helping Thalion “name” his family’s sword. The party collectively feels the need to make haste in light of the threat that prisoners of Sstharax do not last long. Not knowing who or what Sstharax is the group follows the secret path revealed in the note found on the body of a slain half-orc. Phaldara and Balim take the point and lead the party along the path until their progress is impeded by a door standing unsupported on the path in the woods.

The 15 foot tall, 6 foot wide, magnificent oaken door has no handle, knob or hinge but only a small peephole and seemingly bars the path. Rummy divines that there is a fey dewomer extending from either side of the door that seems to be a barrier, not to keep things out but to keep something in. Thalion translates the elven script on the door, “Keep out. This means you! Yes, you, who have vanquished Volundar!” Despite the obviously personal warning, Talos peers through the peephole to look upon an empty grove. However, when the members look around the door there seems to be a bit more life in the form of small golden armadillos with a sizable ruby on their foreheads milling about the grove and shimmering white pillars that Rummy recognizes to be envelopers (creatures who grasp a character and mimic some of its battle knowledge). Tuan bravely walks around the door to find that he cannot get back through to the group. Though he can see them he appears to be on the other side of an invisible wall. He implores Talos to take his hand and try to pull him to the other side but as soon as Talos grasps his hand Talos is pulled to the other side as well. They find that a small piece of paper is attached to the other side of the peephole and that it happens to have a tiny painting of an empty grove facing the peephole.

The group realizes it’s time to act as the trees in the area have armored squirrels that happen to bear tiny bows and foul elven tongues that spout invectives which Thalion and Rummy are happy to translate. Talos and Tuan are stuck with numerous tiny arrows that quickly go from irritating to threatening. Tuan returns fire effectively sending 2 of the squirrels (Kercpa) to wherever the spirits of squirrel warriors go. The 3 envelopers begin to engage the companions as well. A large hairy figure shambles from behind the trees but makes no move to engage the group. Since the Kercpa are skillful bowmen (bow-beasts?) Rummy pelts them with Magic Missiles and Balim tries out his new throwing hammer all with good effect. Phaldara rushes to blast an enveloper and a Kercpa and is rewarded with the smell of charred squirrel-flesh and an oily smell from the seriously wounded enveloper. Talos neglects to heed Tuan’s warning not to attack the apparently passive bejeweled armadillos and takes his large blade to one of the small creatures. His strike is true and the beast dissipates in a puff of dust and ash, ruby and all leaving the group with a disheartening feeling in their minds.

The Kercpa and envelopers prove to be small resistance to this stalwart and coordinated band of adventurers. Rummy and Tuan drop the leather clad rodents from the trees as Balim and Thalion set up flanking positions to finish the envelopers. Only Phaldara catches-on to the treasure of the armadillos, known as Carbuncles, when he approaches the big hairy humanoid, which points to the Carbuncle and says, “Treasure”. Phaldara’s quick dragonborn claw catches the gem on the creatures head divesting it of the 70GP ruby. The Carbuncle seems somewhat happy as it dissipates knowing that its treasure is in glad hands. Phaldara manages to grab another before the battle is finished but the shaggy creature before him points to the gem imploring Phaldara to hand it to him. Phaldara can see that there is more to this creature than hair as static sparks all around it as it moves. That doesn’t keep Phaldara’s good nature from getting the better of him and he hands the creature the gem which seems to disappear within its hairy body.

The party can see that this strange grove holds more inhabitants as they look up the path across a small stream spanned by a log bridge to see other creatures moving about. With their quick rally and powerful strikes the adventurers made short work of their foes in this encounter. Will they be so fortunate in the next? What devilish fey creatures are there on the other side of that bridge? Will their hirsute companion ask for more treasure?

*Take a look at the attachments for the pictures of some of these vintage D&D creatures.*
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  1. ShadesofGray's Avatar
    We should've asked if we could keep him, he would've been useful as a pack mule for our treasure, lol.
  2. Thalion's Avatar
    Keep who? The shaggy creature?

    Oh man! Don't get me started on what happened with that shaggy creature!

    Suffice it to say, there was a "tad bit" of a disagreement as to the subsequent interaction with said shaggy creature.