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Society of the Upper Room, Session 4a

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Our party felt worn thin after their encounter with the flame skull and its bone-shard skeleton companions and decided that taking a rest may be the wisest course of action prior to investigating either reaming set of doors. As they were departing the apartments Thalion hears a door shut. The door appears to be the closed double door across from where the group faced the corruption corpse. Thalion listens at the stout reinforced oaken door and thinks that he may hear a faint scratching on stone. Grabbing several handfuls of foul dirt from where the undead fell, Thalion sets a tattletale trap to see what prints may be revealed upon the party’s return. The fearless Rummy offers to maintain a solitary vigil while the group rests outside the ruins but is talked out of it by Tuan who refuses to be outdone on bravado.

The group relaxes outdoors while the afternoon wanes to late evening prior to making their return to the dungeon. They make their way past the first large rooms with no incident. However, when they open the door to the hallway leading to the smaller chambers several harmless hand-sized spiders scuttle past their feet. Balim tosses a torch down the hall to reveal other harmless spiders hiding from the light among some freshly spun webs where the hall meets the smaller chambers. It is obvious to the party that the webs will make traveling through the area somewhat difficult. They test the webs for inflammability and find that while they readily burn the webs do not go up in flames much less become a conflagration. To clear them they realize that they must clear them space by space and to make matters worse the tangle seems to go all the way up to the 15-foot ceiling. Fortunately Rummy has the flaming sphere spell and begins putting it to use to clear the webbing.

Rummy’s efforts are immediately frustrated as he has to assist the lead members, Balim and Phaldara fend off attacks from a small foray of very large spiders. The arachnids are quickly squashed by Phaldara’s sword and Balim’s great axe with a little help from their friends in the back ranks. With no further attacks the group moves forward combining spell and torch for a methodic clearing of the webbing. Their progress is halted just after the first intersection as the light from the flaming sphere reveals a huge spider clinging to the ceiling.

The watchful point is not surprised as a pair or ettercaps emerge from the webbing and more of the large spiders (about as big as a housecat) descend into their midst. The ettercaps go to work with their great axes on Phaldara and Balim. Balim manages to avoid serious damage but Phaldara’s new armor is put to the test after he takes a sturdy blow from his enemy. The spiders continue to be painful nuisances as their bites and weak poison wear away at the front line. The rear of our party focuses on the immediate threat of the ettercaps while the huge spider flings a stinging web at a good portion of the group in the hallway. Balim tears free of the webbing confining him to go on to split another large spider in two. An ettercap and spider trio is treated to Phaldara’s harmless lightning breath attack and rewards him with bites and an axe cut that puts him within an inch of unconsciousness. Fortunately Talos is there with an inspiring word to keep Phaldara from falling. Thalion and Talos maneuver to flank and remove the ettercap threat to Balim. Tuan, held immobile by the webs, is undaunted as he launches arrows into the body of the huge spider on the ceiling. Rummy’s skillful use of the flaming sphere damages their largest foe and the smaller spiders near Phaldara without harming a scale on Phaldara’s head. Rummy’s magic missiles prove ineffective but, along with the continual burning of the sphere, attract the huge spider’s attention bringing it along the ceiling toward the fearless wizard. More webs fly from the spider holding fast Tuan and Balim. Balim refuses to be stuck and rips the webbing from his torso and replies with a kobold javelin. Phaldara’s ettercap flees leaving him free to pursue the larger threat as well. Rummy stands defiantly beneath the huge arachnid but not for long as the creature sends its sharp fore claws into the eladrin’s soft flesh pulling him up to its fangs to deliver a vicious bite that almost sends his soul to meet the Raven Queen. The beast discards the inert form of Rummy and readies for the next attack. Even this monster does not expect the next action as Talos leaps onto Phaldara’s unsuspecting but sturdy shoulders to bring his blade to bear on the spider. Mighty blow cuts through the creature’s chitin severing a leg and staggering the beast. Talos’s potent strike causes him to loose balance and fall from Phaldara’s shoulders. Thalion, seeing a good idea put into practice, takes it a step further as he launches himself from the steadfast Phaldara and clings to the back of the spider doing significant damage as well. The companions continue to attack fend off blows from the spider as it continues its aggression while trying to throw its unintended rider. Thalion holds fast and maneuvers himself between the creature and the ceiling to deliver serious damage including the final blow that brings it falling to the floor. Phaldara’s ettercap foe return only to have its insect-like head removed from its shoulders.

The group stabilizes Rummy and enters the hereunto unexplored room to release a captured dwarf and halfling. These two, Elar and Tob (dwarf) were part of the group sent to rescue the dusties and the maiden, Tyla. Elar reveals his love of Tyla and implores Thalion to go after her stating that the raiders who took her away several days ago remarked that the lovers should say their goodbyes as prisoners don’t last long in the presence of Sstharax. In his gratitude Tob hands Balim a +1 Resounding Throwing Hammer that Miller gave him to fight these raiders. In the room behind the webbing is a small gold statue of a spider rampant with several smaller precious stones. The party can also feel a surge of energy as this final battle has brought them one step further along their personal paths.

After a long rest the group decides to follow the secret path mentioned in the note and hopefully catch up with Tyla and her captors and find out what happened to the rest of the dusties. Elar and Tob go back to Harken Village to let Miller know what has transpired as well as the adventurers plans.

*I've attached the small map of the dungeon. The characters have completed two dungeons stuck together. The first part is from the Starter Set and the 2nd is from D&D 4E for Dummies".
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    I'm going to be a cowboy and wear a mask.

    Wait... I'm not a ranger
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    You could always multi-class!