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Sundered Skies: Session 7

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And so the battle continues aboard the Firefly as her crew fight desperately against the well-trained and well-equipped Elven forces. The Elf captain is gravely wounded by some focused fire. After being enraged by a sudden backlash of his untamed magical energies, Adrian lashes out and kills him by crushing his head with his last ounce of arcane power. Thanks to a fantastically lucky shot of the ballista by the ship's Master Gunner, Borlass, a harpoon severs the restraining rope on a catapault aboard the Elven ship. Not yet properly readied, the catapault lurches forward and ends up driving its load straight into the deck of its own ship, shattering completely through the hull and sending her spiraling down into the Void. The battle takes a turn in the crew's favor and the Bloodhounds and soldiers are quickly dispatched.

In the aftermath, Captain Ia learns that she has lost three crew to the attack, one being Camille, the ship's cook. The few surviving Elves are dispatched, the ship is cleaned and salvage stowed. The Firefly sets back on her course for Canopy to deliver the Wildlings. They stop back at the isle to retrieve the skiff and, piloted by Adrian, Leo and Brother Fran, the two sail off into the glow.

Along the trip, intrigued by the armor and swords carried by the Elves which were apparently fused to their bodies, Leo and Adrian decide to experiment. They learn that the weapons and armor actually appear to be living plant-like organisms that have bonded to, and draw sustenance from their host. Attempts to peel the gear free from the bodies are successful but the organisms quickly wither and die, rendering them brittle and useless.

Four weeks into their travels, the ships are set upon by a dark haze that approaches quickly and against the wind. Identifying it as a massive swarm of flying insects, the crew of the Firefly seals up tight while the skiff's crew prepares defenses. With the help of fire and smoke, both of arcane and scientific design, the skiff's crew is bitten and bruised but otherwise chases off the voracious Bloodflies.

On the seventh week of travel, ascending into the Ice Isles but still having not yet reached Canopy, the Firefly comes across a smaller island in her path: a trading post and small village that is currently being pillaged by a large Orcish raiding party! The village is being burned and ransacked and the villagers are ill-equipped to defend themselves against the attack. Less by group consensus and more by reckless gusto and some by moral obligation, the crew of the skiff steers toward port, readying to engage the raiders and her docked war-raft. Not wishing to leave half her crew to death, Captain Ia reluctantly puts her ship on course to match and orders all men to their combat stations...

End session.

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