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Sundered Skies: Session 6

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With their business arrangement concluded, Captain Ia decides to do a few last bits of shopping in the Market Garden before returning to the ship. While doing so, she is approached by one of the Elven patrols who ask to speak with her. They inform of the discussion the temple priests had with one of her crewmen and that the Sheriff has asked that her and her crew remain confined to the docks during the remainder of their stay. They also insinuate that their presence is apparently unwelcome as it has drawn suspicions of glowmadness: something which the office of the Sheriff seems to take very seriously. Aggrivated but not in much of a position to argue, Ia hastens her plans to return to the ship, swap the cargo and leave without incident.

And leave the Firefly does the next waking cycle to rendezvous with her designated customs inspectors on the way out. The patrol ship docks and boards, the compliment of Elven soldiers again accompanied by leashed Bloodhound Ferals. It doesn't take long before a commotion below deck signifies that the bloodhounds have found something. Then one of the soldiers brings a Spider Wilding up on deck by the scruff of its neck (the party recognizes that there were not supposed to be any such breed of Wildling in the original job details). The Elven captain and his men turn their attention on the Firefly's crew for justification. Kelly, proclaiming the creature a stowaway, draws his gun and shoots it dead. The Elves proceed to uncover two more Wildlings, again breeds not accounted for in the negotiation with Gereth. Unconvinced of Kelly's proclaimation and under orders to follow protocol, the Elven captain orders the crew confined and the ship impounded until a thorough investigation can be conducted.

However, thanks to a clever moment of distraction caused by Adrian in heated debate with one of the guards, the party springs into action! They sever the ropes binding the two ships and Captain Ia rushes to the helm to steer away. Meanwhile, the crew engages in fierce combat with the Elven boarding party. Swords clash, powerful magics are woven and a chase ensues as the Firefly attempts to evade her much-better-armed pursuer...

End session.

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