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Independant Gamer Perspective

Solstice Gaming

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Anyone out there run specific themes for this weekend? I've done it in both sci-fi and fantasy. Sadly, the gaming crew is "out" for the weekend. Everyone here in Seattle seems serious enough about it to do something... as if "gaming" is not special... i don't get it

Seriously, the Fremont Parade is this weekend, which is always worth it, admittedly, but its been like a weekend a half and i'm jonzing hard for my fix. Working hard on a new version of my game rules, its tougher going than i thought it would be... but i am getting some good advice and trying to work the play test group into answering a lot of questions on material presentation, even if mechanic testing has slowed to a crawl.

Well, hope everyone has a great solstice!

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  1. Tamburlain's Avatar
    Yup. We're hosting a "character-generation" party tomorrow evening to mark the solstice Midsummer. Who knows what potent brews might get uncorked...