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D&D 4th Edition Character Sheet

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For some time now I've been working on a character sheet for D&D games in OpenRPG. Its gone through various incarnations along the way as I learned the rules better and found some new tricks to use in the sheet building tools.

What I've been after is a sheet that will assist with the math from all the modifiers that you end up with during a game. The sheet is supposed to have you fill in the basic information, then when you need to make a roll it pulls together all of the various modifiers adds them up with the dice roll and you see the total.

This is most useful in combat. All of your powers will have the most modifiers to look at. Your level, ability score bonuses, weapon bonuses, etc. I've managed to get the sheet take all that into account.

The problem with it is that filling it out isn't the simplest thing. Some of the value names aren't as clear as they could be. I know what they mean, but then I made the thing so I damn well better. The question is if I give it to someone knew, what would they make of it?

The other problem is temporary bonuses. If you get a bonus or penalty from a power someone else used it won't be included in the calculations, so you'll have to add that in on your own.

Anyway, it includes the full sheet for the player characters, a quick reference sheet to be shared with the DM, and a brief little sheet for Beastmaster Ranger pets.

Anyway for those that play D&D in OpenRPG here's the sheet I put together. Hopefully its useful for you. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Positive ones are good, but its the negative ones that tell me where I should improve it. Just try not to be too rude when telling me how crappy the character sheet is.
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