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Switching Gears: Light In the Darkness

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I didn't know Obsidianportal existed till today when I got the email that our site "allied" to them. Fortunate for me, I checked it out and found a really cool tool to all of us dms out there. Basically the site is a wiki of sorts that manages the information we type into it...I've messed around with it and here's mine only an hour.

Also, you might have noticed if you followed that link that I'm closing up my Ravenloft game very soon. I'm thinking one more session and I'll put Ravenloft on the back burner for awhile. I've had the chance to meet with and talk to some really cool people that are interested in joining up or at least willing to give our game a shot and seeing as we have a few more newer players sitting at the game I thought I'd run some "intro" to 4th Edition modules for them to get used to it before I plunge them back into the darkness of Ravenloft...

So July 11th I'll be running the first of these far there will possibly be 7 players (half of which don't have much experience playing in the new edition) so it's going to be a laid back setting where we are just going to go over the rules, play about 4-7 encounters and see where it goes. If the players return for the subsequent weeks I've already planned out a small campaign that should take them to level 4 or 5.

Unlike my more "darker" campaigned flavor I'm going more "standard dnd", which is something I haven't done for awhile and it'll be a refreshing change, for me, I think.

Before I finish off in closing yeah, as that link showed I'm going to showpiece "Keep on the Shadowfell" in my campaign...but I can tell you first hand over the two weeks I've spent in preparation..and another two weeks to go...I've done many changes to the adventure (the intro for example is almost an adventure in itself)...but I'm psyched to actually give it a chance. I've played it a couple of times in the past and I couldn't get past how overly bland it was...I felt that it was because it was intro and basic..but that's easy enough to change with some flavor texts and additional stories and happenings...So we'll see if I can finally put my money where my mouth is on it.

So while my blog is going to change up a little from the more darker nature of Ravenloft...I'll be adding to my blogs here as well as my new campaign wiki at feel free to drop me some comments.

P.S. Oh, BTW...Ravenloft isn't's never gone...the mists are always watching for some sign to snatch up those that wander to deeply.

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  1. Otakar's Avatar
    I'll miss your posts on this site. I'm guilty of reading P&PG at work and our filter blocks Obsidian portal. I rarely use the PC at home. Happy gaming!
  2. Tamerath's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Otakar
    I'll miss your posts on this site. I'm guilty of reading P&PG at work and our filter blocks Obsidian portal. I rarely use the PC at home. Happy gaming!
    I'm not going anywhere I like this site. I'm still going to be blogging about my sessions here (they just won't be Ravenloftish for a bit while I teach the game to new players). Obsidian portal is fun...I did mess around with it throughout the day yesterday, but I did think it's a lot of work, and I already feel like I donate enough of my time to the game as it is without Wiki(ing) about it as well.