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Alias Library tool

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As a GM in OpenRPG you often need to change names often to act as an NPC during dialogs or whenever there's more than one NPC around. You can do this by changing your name repeatedly with the /nick command, but its more you have to type.

You may also want to use various colors of text so that what you type stands out a bit more. I like a nice bold red color when I'm talking as the DM and either black or shades of blue for NPC's. If you're using /nick to change your name then you need to adjust your text color every time you do that, which gets annoying pretty quickly.

Instead of going through all that you can use the Alias Library to handle the temporary name changes and colors for you.

First you'll need to open the library. Head to the Windows menu in OpenRPG and choose Alias Lib. That will open up this window:

This window allows you to manage all the aliases and filters that you have available in OpenRPG. Filters are used to modify the text you have typed. You can use them to convert normal dialog into pirate slang or something like that. I'm just going over the aliases so filters won't be explained here.

The top list on the left part of the window shows all of the aliases that have been created. You can see the name that will be used for that alias as well as what color the text will show up as in chat.

The first button on the tool bar lets you add new aliases to the list. When pressed it will give you this window:

You can type in the name to use for the new alias. Clicking the Chat Color button will bring up a color selection window to assign a text color for the alias. When you're done click ok to create it.

The second button on the toolbar will create temporary aliases from all the characters showing on the map. Any images that are showing on the map that will be added as an alias. This will create them for scenery images as well as characters, so its kind of touchy to make useful.

The third button allows you to edit an alias. It will show you the same window as creating a new alias except it'll be pre-populated with the alias you had selected in the list.

The fourth button on the toolbar deletes the selected alias from the list.

All the rest of the toolbar buttons are used for other features than aliases, so they aren't necessary to be used here.

So now you've got all the aliases you want to use created. Now you need to use them on game day. To do that you use the dropdown right above the text box to enter text to send to the chat:

When its set to "Use Real Name" you'll use whatever you had selected for your default name in OpenRPG. That means whatever you last set with /nick or /name. The other options will be all of the aliases you created in the Alias Library. Whichever one you choose will be the name shown in the chat window. So your dialog will look like its coming from that name and in the color you selected for it.

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