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The Brooding City Chap 6 The Cage of Delrium (prt 2)

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(This was a continuation of chapter 6. One player who plays Garrick the Hafling Druid was on vaction in the Phillipines so he apperas as a NPC at the start and I continue with the others. Another player just got back from vacation and I had to bring him into the adventure. It's not easy being DM)

Professor Gray woke up to find himself with bandages in the home of Professor Spalanzani, his memory of how he got the injuries uncertain. With his robe all mended haphazardly, he makes his way downstairs and joins the Professor Spalanzani and his daughter for breakfast. They discuss the strange circumstance of Gray's wounds and of Nathanial, who the Professor Gray learns is infatuated with his daughter Olympia. The professor also learns that he has been unconscious for over a week. As he leaves he discovers a strange wound on the back of his head has yet to heal. His inquires at the herbalist reveal nothing so he decides to return to the University to gets his affairs back in order.

He learns from two messages that Clara haven, Nathinal's sister had come to look for him, and he also recieved a very nasty letter from Srieska (who is now Lawful evil) telling him where to find them. He meets with Clara Haven at the Grinning Lion and hears her predicament.

Meanwhile, Srieka, Thoram and Garrit had infiltrated the Havenhold Asylum posing as the city watch looking in on notorious criminal Ikim Vaas. Thoram managed to evade his escort and began searching the upstairs of the asylum. Frustrated with a locked door he forced it open only to alert a nurse and orderlies. He hid from them as they went off to look for a patient who may have done the deed.

When he emerged he came face to face with a small pale girl no more than 4 years of age. The girl did not speak but Thoram heard her in his mind. The nurse returned and ordered Thoram downstairs while ordering a mute woman patient, Adelaide, to take care of her. The woman descended the stair and was met by Sreska who conversed with the girl learning disturbing things about the asylum: Adelaide's tongue was cut off because she sang too much and a mean man known as Not-my-daddy was in charge. But the three resistance fighters were gathered up and kicked of the asylum once again (this being their 2nd attempt).

They returned to the Grinning Lion and met Professor Gray who they inform of their findings. The Professor met the head doctor and his wife once at a university presentation. He sends a message to the doctor requesting to see him. The Doctor agrees, and with Sriesk and Thorma in the guise as university students, they return to the asylum once again.

Immediately the Professor and Srieska notice a dark gray mass in the corner of their eyes adjacent to Marc Stethenfield. Try as he might, the professor realizes Marc Stethenfield has psionic powers and is using them to discern the professors lies. At the zenith of their test of wills, the Doctor is called a way due to something going on with his wife. An orderly is left to guard them. Attempts to manipulate the guard fail and before they realize it, Marc's wife throws herself from the bell tower of the asylum. The orderly leaves in panic and the three, in the distraction, begin to search the asylum for either Nathanial or the little girl Srieska met.

Sure enough, they find the little girl and begin to speak with her (her replies being telepathic) but soon they hear shouts and noises coming from the halls. The little once docile is then possessed by Ikam Vaas who speaks to them directly mockingly that the asylum shall go up in flames. She si released and a mob of patients burst through the door slaughtering an orderly caught in the mass. The professor and Thoram bust through a shuttered window and try to make their escape. Srieska grabs the girls and jumps through the window. The professor is knocked down by the mob but a bubble of energy encases him, protecting him from the people and he scrambles out of the window. Thoram follows and the three with the girls head to the orchards as the asylum is engulfed in flames.

Emerging through the front doors, however, is Ikim Vaas who happily leaves the blazing inferno behind and walks into the street of the city, disappearing into the frantic crowds.

A days later, Srieska,Thoram, and Professor Gray return to smoldering ruins of the asylum. The psychic energy is strong in the area. They find a passageway down into the Doctor's secret operating room (As revealed to them from the child). In the lab, they discover Ivy Broomhandle, a half flesh golem who nearly kills them but their combined efforts take him down and they plunder the lab of its secrets.

Despite their rescue of the girl, they were unable to determine the fate of Nathaniel. Distraught, Clara Haven returns to her manor. Their are many question not yet answered: What was the gray mass that only Sreska and Professor Gray could see? Was Nathaniel killed in the fire? What is the psionic potential of the girl known as baby A? What are the consequences of having Ikim Vaas roam the street of the city once again?

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