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Sundered Skies: Session 4

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This session became mostly a "planning/investigating/recovering" session.

The ship returned to Gateway and the first order of business was to return Allon's remains to Tomas who then rewarded them as promised and left to grieve. The Captain found buyers for their salvage and scrapped together the necessary money to make repairs to the ship. Adrian's fever broke and he came out of his coma shortly after arriving, learning subsequently of the attack upon the ship. The crew went in different directions, following up on leads, looking for information or lining up future jobs. One of their crewman deciding to leave after witnessing the battle with the Ogre, Captain Ia recruits a peculiar little drakin: a Windpriest, follower of the Lady of the Winds, said to be the goddess of both clear skies and raging storms.

The most promising opportunity was for a very dangerous and very secretive smuggling run. A local import shop owned by a pair of elf brothers, Jeche and Jarle, spoke in confidence to Adrian and the captain about their involvement in an underground movement on the elven home island of Heartland. A group of elven revolutionaries known as the Boughbreakers were involved in liberating wildling slaves from their elven masters and transporting them safely away from Heartland. Recently, their operations have been falling on hard times and the Boughbreakers have been in desperate need of more weapons and supplies to aid their cause. Jeche and Jarle have such a shipment that needs to be delivered to their contact, Gereth, on Heartland as quickly as possible. The payment is significant, half to be paid now and half upon return, and Captain Ia agrees. She is supplied with an alibi and the concealed cargo is delivered to the ship.

After a couple of days taken to repair the ship, the crew casts off for the long journey to Heartland. End session.

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