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Sundered Skies: Session 3

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Sorry for the lack of updates here recently. The Sundered Skies game is still going and I am about to post the missed adventures in rapid succession.

At the start of session 3, the crew had left the island crash-site having recovered the body of Tomas' son and learning the fate of his crew. The next day after setting sail for Gateway, the crew of the Firefly is drawn to a commotion on deck when a blinding flash of light is accompanied by a terrified scream which transforms into a deep, rumbling fit of laughter. The intense light bathing the entire ship and proving quite impenetrable to the senses, the voice begins to speak to the crew, claiming to be the Lightbringer himself, Lord of Madness (and progenitor of the Voidglow that exists throughout the Skies). The voice warns the crew that even more terrible forces than he conspire to destroy the remnants of their world and that if it is their fate to stop it they must find several fragments of the "old world" to use against these forces. As the voice and the light fade, the crew discover that a massive Ogre (the twisted form that an orc assumes when it is taken by glowmadness) is standing before them, frothing with rage.

A furious battle ensues, Leo tripping the Ogre up with some clever use of leverage and his detachable mechanical arm, Brother Fran slowing it down with divine, icy magics and the captain and Kelly fighting for their lives against it. At one point, Captain Ia's harpoon is lodged in the creature's shoulder and it withdraws it from the wound, using it against them and nearly killing Brother Fran by running him through with a single blow. Eager to end the battle before any more damage is done, Ia seizes an opening and finishes the beast off.

In the aftermath they discover that the Ogre seems to have been who they suspected, Karr the Luckfinder had somehow gone glowmad but judging by how quickly it happened, something still seems out of place. Captain Ia discovers a small hole about the size of a coin burned clean through the door to her cabin and a similarly sized burn-scar on the Ogre's chest. Searching her cabin for the medallion they had recovered, it is nowhere to be found. It is also quickly discovered that Adrian, the ship's wizard, is suffering from an intense fever and has not awoken since the previous sleep cycle.

Having sustained significant damage to the ship and with sick and wounded crew members aboard, the Captain decides to press on with all possible haste to return to Gateway. The session ended here.

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