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OpenRPG 1.7.7

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When you go to it redirects you to which I assume is the home for the software, or was at some time. It has handy downloads where you can install it. Installing using the packages here gets you the wrong version. Even if you do the patching that it suggests you end up with version 1.7.1 of OpenRPG.

That version will work, but it has some pretty major bugs with the maps. It can't seem to handle loading multiple images at a time. This problem manifests itself in one of two ways:

1) You're all in the game and the GM attempts to load a saved map. It has a bunch of images included which need to be loaded. This causes any clients that haven't yet loaded the images to lock up and/or crash.

2) The GM created the room and already prepared by loading a map to use for this session. You try to join the room which means you need to load the images for the map. Again OpenRPG will lock up or crash on you.

The workaround for this is to populate the OpenRPG image cache before attempting to load or join a room with a map in place. You'd need to individually load all of the images to build up the cache, then loading the map will work correctly. This is a bit more problematic that it seems, since everyone in the game would need to do this prior to the session.

The real solution is to get the latest version of OpenRPG, which the auto-update won't get for you. You'll need to uninstall OpenRPG, wxPython, and Python; all of them can be removed from the Add/Remove Programs tool in the Control Panel. Then download this installer and run it. It will ask you if you want to install Python, choose yes. Then it will download the correct version of Python and wxPython and install them along with the latest version of OpenRPG. Once this completes you'll be at version 1.7.7 and the maps will work correctly.

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