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Character information and background

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Well, this is the first part of my notes for the campaign Justanewbie is running, see this thread for details.

I had put together some background information and notes on the character I'll be playing and I figured putting it in a convenient spot would be useful. This seemed convenient, particularly since it'll be his notes that will be filling up this space.

Basic Info
Name: Quintus Sibwarra
Race: Gnome
Age: 19
Height: 3' 6"
Class: Bard

When Quintus reached his teenage years his arcane abilities started to reveal themselves. These abilities weren't under his control so strange things would happen around the house; such as books floating around or strange lights flickering. As soon as his parents realized he was the source of these strange activities they immediately set out to find him a tutor, before he caused a real problem with them.

The village had several magic users in it, but only one was willing to take on an apprentice. An old warlock named Malleus was willing to take the boy as an apprentice. Malleus had been in the village a long time, and a few folks knew him fairly well. He seemed like a nice enough guy, but there were a lot of rumors about the type of magic he practiced in hidden rooms in his house. These were only rumors, and he seemed a decent fellow so the parents felt they could trust him with their son.

Quintus was a little secretive about what all went on during his lessons, but his parents were seeing that he had a lot more control over his arcane powers. None of the random random effects were seen after only a few weeks of lessons. Malleus had a few complains though, apparently Quintus wasn't the most attentive student and his mind wandered far too much. Quintus did wonderfully at lessons in histories and legends, but during his technical studies his mind was filled with adventurers and dragons. It wasn't that he was unable to complete the lessons, it was that with his aptitude Quintus should have excelled at them.

A side thing that Quintus found on his own was that music really helped him to focus. For some reason when he was playing a harp or lute he was able to focus his thoughts in a way his studies were never able to. While playing he had much greater arcane control and was able practice and do his exercises with ease. He couldn't bring the instruments to his lessons, he knew Malleus would never permit it so he never needed to ask, but anytime he was practicing alone he'd bring them out.

Part of what was not being said was the Malleus' teachings weren't all on the level. A few of the rumors about him had some truth behind him. He wasn't quite practicing the dark arts, but some of his personal studies were slightly past the line between good and evil. He wasn't bringing these topis into Quintus's lessions, but a few were coming close to that line. In the time spent with his teach Quintus started suspecting that there might be more going on than was admitted, and it made him nervous and possibly fearful of his teacher.

Once Quintus had finished all of the studies in history and legend he decided that he had learned all he could from Malleus, and wanted to travel and explore to learn more about the heroes from the legends. It hadn't escaped his imagination the he could be swept up and live through one of those epic stories as well.

Quintus didn't approach his teacher with it but merely told his parents what he'd decided. He'd learned all he could, and wanted to explore further to learn more about history and heroes of legends. His parents were concerned since he didn't seem well adapted to handle the outside world. Quintus was always concerned about things being neat and clean, he wouldn't abide any dirt or mess. He'd also never been outside the town, so he wouldn't know anything about traveling through the wild lands between towns.

He was adamant, and once his parents realized that he wouldn't be stopped they reluctantly agreed to let him start his travels. The made him promise to explain it to Malleus, but he was a little frightened about how he'd react. Instead he left town without saying anything.

Personality Notes
Quintus' main focus are the legends and stories of old. He'd attach himself to any group that might lead him towards more of those.

He also fantasizes about living through an adventure that might become a new legend. With that in mind he keeps a notebook handy to chronicle any adventures he might get into in the hopes of writing such an epic.

He hasn't seen much combat and is very fearful of it. he'd prefer to avoid it altogether, but if there's no alternative he'll stay as far from danger as possible and attack with ranged spells of a crossbow.

His loyalties lie mainly with the legends. He won't leave a group stranded or in trouble, but if all is well and they aren't heading towards sources of now legends he'd consider bowing out. (Though with the description of Toblan there are legends buried all over, so I can't see that being much of an issue)

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