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Day One

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All right, looks like the first session went off with only a couple hitches. We had 4 of our 6 expected players but had a great time.

The chacters started off with an ambush of kobolds while on the road to Winterhaven. these were dispatched but with the cleric falling unconsious. Luckily we had the paladin to fix him up and keep the him going. Other than the fact that the kobolds didn't seem to feel or show fear even when getting smacked like little *****es there didn't seem to be anything strange about the enounter. Until they reached town.
In Winterhaven the party discovered the kobold attack was one of many steming from a newly (within the last year) stirred up nest somewhere off the King's Road. Lord Padraig has commissioned the players to rid the area of kobolds, and has offered quite a sum (150gp each) thanks to the diplomatic and blatant lying ability of the party.
Upon investigation the party has encountered another rather large group of kobolds that appeared to be front guards outside some sort of cave. This cave seems to have an entrance behind a waterfall. This was found out because one of the kobolds got away and ran screaming, "Irontooth Must Be Warned!!!"
This marked the end of the night. What will happen next time....

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  1. Farcaster's Avatar
    Irontooth? I think I have heard that name before on the D&D podcast. Is this from Keep on Shadowfell?
  2. benjaminze's Avatar
    its Kalarel now Mom not Carl! loved those podcasts if you have not had a chance to read the penny arcade web comic yet you should check it out