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The Brooding City Ch 6 The Cage of Delirium

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Clara Haven appears to Srieska asking for help in finding her brother, Nathanial Haven who has been committed to the Havenhold Asylum for the Insane. With Professor Gray still missing, the group decides to aid her in hopes of discovering the whereabouts of their fellow resistance fighter.

Sreiska learns that a employee of Thormaís at the Redbrick had told Clara where to find her. It appears rumors have her and Professor Gray as an item, much to Srieskaís dissastifaction. The Professor himself has been missing for a week and the group begins to get worry. They approach Garrit to look into the matter but he has been promoted and suggest that they see what they can do by themselves.

The three meet Clara at the grinning Lion Inn and learn of the circumstance of her finding out her brotherís incarceration and her plans to visit the asylum. The group is also concern that the Professor is missing and believe finding Nathaniel will help find their missing friend as well. The group agrees to accompany her.

When they enter the asylum they notice the orchard and gardens are unkempt. They are met by Dr. Marc Stethenfield who escorts Clara to where her brother should be. Minutes later she returns upset, the staff now deny he is not at the asylum. Marc Stethenfield is agitated and demands the group to leave. Confused, the four leave the asylum but not before Garrit talks to the grounds keeper and learns that the inmates no longer are allowed to work in the garden and orchard.

Failing that, the group plans to try and visit the asylum again. Garrit knows he has no jurisdiction in the asylum but after contacting his captain learns of a criminal, Ikim Vaas, who is under the watches jurisdiction for the murder of several citizens. Sreska learns from her contact that several large carpentry jobs had been cancelled three months ago and Thoramís supplier relates the place has bought several shipments of flour over the last three months as well. In the guise of city watch they return to the Asylum.

This time they are greeted by a Dr. Klien who takes them to Ikim, a disturbed yet calm man whoís drawings show the consumption of brains and killing of innocents. Ikim is being counseled by Abbe Lias, the minister on staff. In his adjacent cell is a crazed man who is said to be Marc Stethenfieldís twin brother Luc, who was committed many years ago. The man spits out crazed and obscene outbursts. Dr. Klien insists the group cut their visit short.

Thoram manages to convince the doctor he needs the bathroom and is escorted to the water closet. After using a bluff to require fresh linens, the orderly leaves him and he heads to the stairs above.

Srieska and Garrit are escorted back when they meet a patient, Vaam Doadson, who is looking for his mouse. Garrit tries to pass off a rat as his mouse to the patient who recoils in horror. The rat (through Garritís speak with animals) reveals some details of the area.

They return to the lobby where they meet the Orderly trying to get Thoramís attention in the water closet (who left to go upstairs). Garrit insist on using the water closet and enters before they could notice Thoramís absence. Srieska now stands with an orderly as Thoram continues his search in the Asylum.

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  1. wizarddog's Avatar
    It will be tricky in the next adventure to reunite the PC's. Garrit will be gone for 3 weeks and Professor Gray was gone for 2 and I may have new players joining. That means Garrit has to disappear while Professor Gray has to reappear after 1 week.

    That's why it's very important to know backstories ahead of time.