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The Brooding City Adventure Five: Chapter 5

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The resistance continues its trek through the artificial tunnels dug by the kolbolds between the sealed crypts of the Lords. Srieska, with her new demenor, demands the tomb of Lord Roaringhorn be plundered. Thoram, the Dwarven Duskblade, detects magic of moderate power on the lidís surface. Srieska is undeterred and She pushes it open and a dark cloud shaped like a skull engulfs here. To every oneís amazement, it does nothing to her. They find a magical amulet and several bits of jewelery.

They continued in the dark tunnels and are ambushed by a lone kolbold who fires sniper shots at Garrit. Garrit manages to chase it off with a fire burst and they continue, emerging into a chamber originally blocked by a masonry wall erected by the Kolbolds.

Thoram enters the chamber and is immediately assaulted by the Kolbolds crossbows and the sorcerer who has taken refuge in a stone shelf above them. Yehn makes his appearance and with his allies manage to fall Thoram, but not before he is taken out. Srieska and Garrit on his dino beast enter the fray and take down the kolbolds. The last hold out, the sorcerer/rogue dodges Garritís fire burst several times, but eventually runs out of spells and is slain by Sireskaís crossbow.

The group find the stolen goods and return them to the authorities (less the jewelery and items thay had plundered from the crypts!)Garrit decides to keep his new gender a secret from his superiors and men.

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