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Placing down some thoughts about my Sandbox game.

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So I have been trying to hold off on placing data down to my 3.5 Sandbox Campaign called Esurdia. (Yes I stole the name from Red Steel, but it worked.) The game started as a 2nd Ed. game but then it went on hiatus and then came back as a 3.5 game. It is currently on the shelf again, but I have been getting an itch to run it again. this is why I wanted to put something down digitally, just in case.

The idea for it all started with me being tired of Elf character dominating game play with bladesingers and the other wonky ideas that 2nd ed brought the elves. So rule one was no elves. The went West after they helped refugees defeat an evil nation by bringing their magic to bear upon the enemy. Thus burying the nation under sand and dust. (Yes I know the stuff has been done before, but why avoid using them. I made the world to be enjoyed for its richness in back story and history.)

When the majority of the Elves departed they left their homeland, a group of islands, to these refugees. These lands were called Esurdia, so named because of the Silver Dragon, Aesthdurahesjing, whom bequeathed the land to the Elves for services done in ages past.

The Second idea of the game was to make the Kingdom of Esurdia ruled by an unbroken chain of kings for a few thousand years. Why a few thousand year, well at the time I felt that magic was so prevalent and used that it actually slowed the growth of the sciences. why would one need a wheat thrasher when back breaking labor and a few well payed wizards could do the work. I also decided that the majority of the Kings were paladins, yeah I know corny but I really liked a shining good kingdom, a beacon of hope. This also created a conundrum to the the idea why is it the royal line only. So I came up with rule three.

Rule Three was the testing. Children of the Kingdom were tested by both the paladin orders, as there were three of them, and the School of Wizardry, as Kingdom wished to have ready access to Arcane at anytime. If these children showed any signs of promise the state would pay for the loss of a worker on ones homestead if poorer, or nudge the rich towards their civil duty to the Crown. This brought about my idea that 10 to 15% of the Nation were actually capable to become paladins, as the Gods of law favored the land. This was a huge leap and when I first started the game a player was actually concerned with the implications of such a change in numbers. Though he fully understood the Wizard school idea and thought it was a neat to eliminate the master apprentice idea.

My fourth rule was the rule of half-elves. I actually made them more like bad example of genetics than anything else, in that as long as both parents had elf blood in them that half-elves could be born of them. my only magic addition to it was if the first child was half-elf then all the children of that pairing would be as well. Add to this the idea that most half-elves were born to noble houses, and well I created a new aristocracy. This actually worked really well.

I think next time I will talk more about the basic set up of the campaign. Questions and comments are always welcomed.

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  1. amardolem's Avatar
    Cool, damn Saturday crap!!! I like the cut of your jib!!
  2. templeorder's Avatar
    I know the work it take for world building and balancing... keep putting effort into it, your players will appreciate it. If there's something you can publish, get it out there on the internet so others can see it too.... someone should come up with an index of game worlds people can use and yours should be in it!
  3. deathboy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by templeorder
    .... someone should come up with an index of game worlds people can use and yours should be in it!
    Wow thanks for the compliment. I'll be posting more soon.
  4. projectpoppet's Avatar
    As one of the players, I thought that rule system worked very well....even if my druid deviated rule #4 a little.