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4e And the Crimson Guard

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This Blog is about my work on 3.5 and 4e campaigns. Currently I am running a 4e. Link is below.

Well things have been going well for the 4e Game. First session back in September was a TPK but I used it as a plot device. Now that I alternate between my Co-DM Kevin who runs Savage Tide, I can plan adventures with more time. I am not a big fan of published adventures only. I use plots and maps and change them to my own game. The crimson Guard uses the area from the Shatter Gates of Slaughterguard but with the Crimson Guard mythology.

I started with six players in this game. Kevin as a Bugbear Rogue named Ugg the Beast, Andrew as a Dragon Born Paladin Kriv, Robert as the Elf Ranger Luna, Colby as the Human Rogue, Johnson, Mary (my wife) the Eladrin Wizard Illania and Shaun who played the Warlock Human Ruin. Shaun only played one session and I killed his PC off in the next. When shaun dropped out, we picked up Colby's girfriend to play a dwarf Cleric Eldeth. Through about the 2nd chapter Kevin chose to change his Rogue to a minotaur fighter, Cornelius to play a better defender role since Andrew was not up to the task. Andrew has recently dropped out so we are left with 5 players though we may be picking up a sixth when she make sit back to LA.

In chapter 1 the Twilight Crimson Guard arrives to the Valley of the Oblesks to replace a corrupt Guard known as the Griffon Guard. There first mison was to solve a crime spree in the town of stumpflat. They battled cretaures that were covered in glowing red wounds. All of them save Ugg were defeated and became covered in the runes in a death like trance. I introduced Eldeth in session 2 and she was able to revive them. They Go back doen tot he hiden chamber thery found and begin to deaft all the ceratures. They fight a psudodragon who mistakens them for the Griffon Guard and learn the first spatterings of Slaughterguard.

In chapter 2 the guard agress to help Eldeth regarding the goblin attacks on her village. They arrive as the village is attacked and they drive out the foes. They later discover the goblin lair and take out soem dezions but leave without killng them all. The village is attacked again and the guard manage to defaet most of the creatures. They return to the Slaughterguard lab (leaving Ugg behind to stand guard to one of their captures) where they find Cornielus RedMane, the former Griffon Guard Tatical Officer who was imprisoned by the Griffon Guard for insubordination. They free him as he wants revenge on the Griffon Guard. They learn from Corneilus the fate of the Griffon Guard and they clear the Slaughterguard Lab. But on their return to the village they find it was ttacked by a Black Dragon and Ugg (and his capture) were wisked away to fate unknown.

In chapter 3 the Guard leran of aplot to assinate the Governess of the City of Sumberton. They manage to stop it and find the Cannon high priest was behind the plot (tainted by the artifacts the Griffon Guard has unearthed years earlier).

In chapter 4 I opened with a battle of the High Presits turning into a massive bloodfire ooze. The battle took forever so i decided to change the HP of all monster at 1/2 and the damage x2. The Guard is called to unt down a group of bandits that kidnapped some daughters of high officals. (see next post)

Stuff for the future:

My wife, who plays, requested an adventure that involves her backstory family, so I have one planned for that. The adventure seems to center around The Rogue Johnson and the Minotaur Corneilus. But Eldeth actually has a lot more story going on as her needs of her people have to be addressed. Luna will also be given a big role as the liaison to the Elves who may prove to be the best allies for the guard.

I am tempted to push the envelope and have the Twilight Guard meet the Griffon Guard early and have the PC's get their butts whipped. But that opens a lot of other plots that I had not planned on. It would also make it difficult to place Sharon in the game when she returns. I will see how the PC's fair and if they look a little sluggish I can push it up a notch.

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