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Tales of the Olde Phoenix

After Action, May 30th.

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Ron -- Johnny male Elf, Toymaker
Sue M -- Sharpy female 1/2 Elf fighter
Tom -- Sy male mostly human psionic
Sue S -- Nelida female mostly Human cleric with a few tricks.

The session started with a bit of basking in the successful run to New City. It was decided to do some intelligence on the other gangs in the area, and see what it was going to take to absorb them. Discussed were:

The Wallmen, a gang pieced together out of two fighting groups.

The Redbirds: An older group that hangs around Sir Terry's house.

In the middle of these discussions Terry comes to the gang. He says that an associate, Artie Moss has been kidnapped by Ajax corp. This could bode poorly for Mr. Moss's contacts, which are many. He pays the gang in advance, a +1 heavy pistol. They also get a picture of Artie Moss. Sy quickly finds Moss in the basement of a house in the trades. The four principles move uptown and look the options over. It is decided that Sy will risk a "seen once" teleport to get Moss. He pulls it off and they clear the area.

They return to Terry's Villa. Both Sy and Johnny notice that Terry wears an unusual ring. A faceted ruby hawk, like the old Knights. Johnny asks him. Terry tells him that his assumptions are not unfounded, and to forget he ever even thought of that. Johnny forgets he asked the question. Terry tells the gang he must be circumspect in his actions. He cannot stick up too high. He introduces them to the Redbirds. The gang patrols with his backing.

They return to the matter of the Wallmen. They are still barely talking to each other. Malkor the Knife keeps them together with sheer force of personality. He is an egotistical ass. Speak up with the good idea and he dismisses it only to have the same idea five minutes later. While clairvoying the Wallmen they see the two under leaders engaged in a little two backed beast. Two people that are nothing but hissy at each other normally.

They move in on the location and catch the lovers in the buff. They take them back to the house and debate the next action. The two are ready to slit each other's throat, then they learn tha Malkor has been playing them for fools and knows the whole deal. Suddenly they like each other and hate him.

A hit is arranged for Malkor. The Jets take him as he leaves his favorite eatery. (Cue the Godfather) The loving couple gut him and take over the Wallmen with the understanding that the gangs will merge. Johnny rewards their good ideas and so far it looks to be working.

Idea being that if they man the towers along the western wall they can keep track of the truck traffic into and out of the Old City. Something might come of that. Binoculars will be required. The idea is tabled until that is taken care of.

They buy lights for the outside of the townhouse. Lighting the whole neighborhood was discussed. Power is the problem.

Closed up for the night, 25% XP reward for some good role-playing and well planned hits. Their gang took no damage.

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