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Prologue: Roll of the Dice...

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I thought i would share my experiences from my time working at a game store in North far, it was my favourite job...but then again, what would be the downside of getting paid to play games? However the point of my narrative is from the perspective of those who work at the store...this is the first installment of my ongoing tale...

With great reservation, do i rise from the stool behind the counter, flanked by the protection of glass display cases containing the various accessories that are actively sought by those who pursue the most noble of past times...

With a flex of my arms, and a slight grunt from the chicken biscuit breakfast i finished on the fly...the storefront gate rolled up, and we were open for business...9.57am...three minutes early...some might think that my proactivity would broker better business, but as anyone in the industry would tell you, (aside from the fact that most gamers don't wake up until at least noon, if not much later.) is that this is the worst business in the world, from a profit margin point of view...Not your corner, darkened comic store, who happens to carry dice, some roleplaying books, and a few booster packs of CCG's. No, the all out, knock down drag out, full blown miniature paints, tables for wargames, flock, metal files, the whole gauntlet of the minis and gaming hobby.

As i walked to the back of the store to pull out the sign that would grace the storefront...i sighed with regret...remembering when our manager laughed at a comment i had made a few days earlier when asked about the sales for the night before.

'About $210...not bad for a tuesday. With that, the rest of the week, not to mention the weekend...we'll be alright.' i intoned.

He shook his head...'At this rate, we won't make enough to cover payroll, let alone overhead.' With arms crossed he stretched his body out as he leaned against one of our many tables adored with crudely crafted wargames terrain. 'The owner's taking a huge hit to the pocket book. He's thinking about getting out of this altogether.'

I rolled my eyes, this conversation about our owner rolling us up was a common one, not really worth getting upset over...Everone who worked there knew that a shop like this shouldn't be in a mall. Especially one that caters to overprivaleged teenagers spending mommy and daddy's money on $80 t shirts and $10 machiatos. The same group of kids that run by yelling out derogatory slogans such as 'nerd', 'dorks', or my personal favorite...'virgins'. I always found it great that these same kids in throngs of three or four would heckle us, when there were at least anywhere from twelve to fifteen people huddled around various tables caring more about interacting with other human beings as opposed to texting the person across the room from us, rather than engaging them in any case, something like this should be in a strip know the type one that has a local pharmacy and military recruiting office down the way...

It was about this time, after all of this thinking that my first customer walked through the, losing track of time, i thought. A trophy wife pushing a stroller with an appropriately black expression on her face walks up with all the confidence of having a surplus of money and affluence...

'Good can i help you?' I asked putting on my most polite facade...(it was early...i hadn't become my usual cynical self at this point in the day.)

'Do you carry X-BOX games?' she asked, almost condescendingly.

My mind screamed for blood...i don't know how many loose dice i had throw across the store at the thought of that damned question falling out of someone's mouth. (Ten sided dice by the way make the best holes in the wall, plus they really hurt when aimed at another human being--so i've been told.)

'Ah, no. We don't carry console games.' i managed to spurt out in a half grumble, half declaration.

A deeper look of confusion crossed her face. 'A what?' she replied with a shake of her head. Her $100 dollar hairdo not waivering in the slightest.

'Console games?' I looked at her, nothing. 'Video games,' I clarified. Her face was alight with recognition. 'We don't carry them.'

Frowning she continued.'But i thought this was a game store...'

Damn, i thought...its going to be one of those days...

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