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The Group

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Today our group was created here on Pen and Paper Games - the Universal Solvents! (at least until a better name comes along)

Sadly, as of last week we have lost one of our players to law school (no rules lawyer jokes come to mind, sorry).

I'm hoping that this will prove a great place to meet some new faces and that there will be many great sessions ahead of us.

I have proposed an idea to the 3 current players of the group of a "monstrous" adventure or campaign (3.5 edition). I have left the type of game up to them. Will they choose to be havoc-wreaking evil-doers, or perhaps misunderstood freaks (er, I mean nonhumanoids)?

In the meantime, the story continues to unfold in our ongoing 3.5 Dragonlance campaign, Tower of Shadow. Very soon the players are going to learn much more about why I chose this name for the campaign.

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