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Sass & Sorcery

Moving Frustrations

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I hate moving.

Like, a lot.


And yet, I seem to do it every other frickin' year. It's like the Olympics - just when you forget, it pops up again two years later. Argh.

This move didn't even have to happen, either; we leave California, find a nice little house within walking distance of the campus, and hope to Spongebob we'd be there til we're both done with our respective schooling.

Naturally, the owner of the house decides to sell. So we were stuck in housing limbo, negotiating our schedules with those looking to show the property. It sold, finally, and the deal closes on the 10th. Hooray, it's over.

Except it isn't. We still have a week before the new place is ready, and an additional three days til we can get a moving crew together for the big stuff. Have I mentioned I don't like moving? :P

I think it'll be okay ... 'cept for our rooms being wall-neighbors in the new house; it hasn't been that way for a few years and we rather enjoyed having areas of space on opposite ends of the house. We're on vasty different schedules - her being quite a morning person and me, well, not so much.

I really just want the whole ordeal to be over already. Stoopid moving.

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  1. GoddessGood's Avatar
    *hugs* Moving sucks. I've moved 6 times in the last 4 years, and will likely move again at the end of this year. Ganbatte!
  2. Sascha's Avatar
    Thankie ^_^ We're professionals when it comes to moving - even the cat's been through nearly all the moves I have :P - having done it so much, but I still don't like it.