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Star Wars The Old Republic

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I know this is off-topic, but it's my blog so here it is...everyone...I have a confession to make....I'm a GAMER!!!! Not just pen and paper games...but all games. I own an xbox 360 (currently down with the red ring of death...), a psp, boatloads of games, and yes I do have a subscription to World of Warcraft (though honestly not as addicted to it as I once was).

So I've been following The new Star Wars MMORPG that Bioware (you dnd fans might recognize that they did the Neverwinter Nights game...and you Star Wars fans know them as well as the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic for the XBox). And my friends, so far I've seen a couple of classes they are coming out with...the history they are putting behind the game, etc.....all great stuff...but today they absolutely blew my mind.

Today they released a cinematic trailer for the game. I know the in-game graphics will look nothing like this..and it's not the point or what blew my mind....The game's trailer takes place shortly before the game (the complete story is on the site so just a summary)...the sith have come out of deep space and have taken many worlds all the way to the Core...where they arrange to have peace talks on Alderaan.....the Republic, feeling the sting of defeat, agree to them...go to the world where they find that the Sith have fooled them taking their main attack force to Coruscant and attack the planet...enter the movie

I can't tell you how incredible this short 3 and a half minutes of cinematic beauty really is...all I know is that Bioware has never let me down with their games...and it looks like they are going in the right direction with this one as well. So there it is...enjoy

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  1. Arch Lich Thoth-Amon's Avatar
    Damn! No other word comes to mind.

  2. korhal23's Avatar

    (That's the sound I made as I watched that trailer originally.)

    I am on pins and needles for that game. I was an RPer in WoW and Conan... and I can't wait to RP this game (100% fully voice acted????? Teeheehehehehee)

    Any other company and I'd be more hesitant. But BioWare.... I'd give anything to work there and I love all of their stuff. Their weakest product is the original NWN (well if you played single player anyway), but the toolkit with it is SOOOOOO brilliant.

    Between this and Dragon Age I've never flown the BioWare flag harder than I have been recently.
  3. Webhead's Avatar
    Wow. Thanks for the link. Very nice trailer. I will be looking into the game when it comes out and hope that it is as awesome as a Star Wars MMO deserves to be.
  4. Simplydone's Avatar
    See this is what Lucas lost when he made the prequels. This cinematic has a sense of the epic, the awesome, the COOL. Bioware has had my support the moment I bought and played the original KOTOR. They went in there and told a story. Yes an actual story, plot, point, etc. and it was epic. Now it looks like their going to do it again. Mr. Lucas if your reading this take a look at what these guys have done this is the stuff of legends.

    Whenever this is release I am reserving a copy.