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Session 17

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As we reconviened, the party had pretty much took care of the Troglodytes and thier champion came out and croaked a challenge, which Flemin eagerly accepted. The two engaged in battle, which found the troglodyte over matched, due to Flemin's -3 AC and 18/66 strength for extra damage when fighting. With the champion defeated, the remaining 2 troglodytes fled down a passage and the party checked out the dead to see what they may be able to use. Weslocke picks up one of the morning stars and Hockerbrecht collected up the javelin that each troglodyte was carrying. They also found a crystal flask with a liquid inside, a steel pendant, and a leather scroll tube. Inside the tube there is a piece of parchment with the following written on it.

*Going south takes you southeast

*Going north takes you southwest

*Travel southeast and you are north

*From northwest brings you south

*Travel southwest and you are northwest

*From northeast brings you northeast

They all agree that this is just as confusing as the lower caverns are. They decide to take the only passage out that they haven't been at, since there are two other ways out besides the way they entered. And of those two, they realize that they had come to this room before but decided not to enter. Since the one exit wouldn't take them to where they were hoping to go, the party takes the remaining exit and finds that they are now, once again, standing at the bottom of the 900 steps that brought them down to the lower caverns.

At least now, they knew where they were at, so they follow along to where they had turned left and went to the set of huge metal doors. Since they hadn't went straight, they continued on to see if they could find another entrance besides that one. They do come to another place where they have already been, but once again, know that there was a direction that hadn't been checked and so head down that passage. It eventually leads to a set of huge metal doors, but they know that these are not the same doors, since there is no chalk marking showing that they have been here.

Once again, they use Dunil's rope of climbing to help pull open the massive metal doors and are not surprised to find another red marble corridor with an ebony wood door at the other end. The only difference is that there is no picture hanging on the wall in this one. To be prepared, they take this opportunity to heal rest and relearn spells. Once again, they prepare to go through the ebony door, and as Flemin opens it, there is a golden flash and they find themselves in a 30 ft. by 30 ft. room.

The room looks identical to the one the were transported to the first time, but much to thier dismay, there are no chalk markings so they know that they have not been here yet. This time they decide to take a different approach and if there is ever a choice of direction to go, they will always go straight if possible. They pass 4 different passages until they get to the point where straight dead ends and have to take the 5th passage that leads off of the one they have been following, but state that again, they will always go straight again in able to. They don't go that far before they discover that they are once again in a 30 ft. by 30 ft. room.

Going with the straight ahead approach, they take the exit on the opposite wall. As they follow the passage around, they eventually come back to the same square room only enter it from passage to the right of where they first entered. Having only one passage not explored, they take it. It eventually brings them to a large cavern room that has stone formations with a smaller one in the center of the other four. As Weslocke looks up to check out one of the stone formations, he sees that there is a grusome looking creature preparing to jump down. As it leaps, he sends a magic missile spell at it. Even with a good amount of damage taken, the creature still gets Weslocke with a claw and bite. At the same time another on jumps down and lands near Flemin and the two of them engage in battle. The other two creatures jump from the rock they are on, each to one of the rocks that the first two had jumped off of. Seeing this, Hockerbrecht uses his swords flying ability to get him up onto one of the rocks the the creatures had jumped from to another rock. Ethelered also uses the boots of flying to get up to where one of the creatures is at on top of a rock, which catches it by surprise, since they were not aware that these people had this ability to fly. With the rest of the group manuevering to deal with the 2 Bar-Igura on the ground, Ethelered takes on the one up on top of the rock with him. With another surprise move, Ethelered rushes the creature, hitting it with his shield that sends them both falling off the rock. The creature hits the floor and takes damage, but Ethelred is able to land on his feet, due to the boots of flying.

While that took place, the other creature up on the rocks, turned to look at Hockerbrecht and hisses as it jumps over to the rock with him and they join into battle. Fortunately, Arocken sees this and to aid Hockerbrecht, fires arrows at the creature from the floor of the cavern room. The battle rages on, and the party is surprised to see these creatures take large amounts of damage and still be able to fight as if nothing is wrong. The Bar-Iguras are able to dish out some decent amounts of damage to various party members also, but eventually with the help of the Staff of Striking given to him by Bennedict, Veda is able to help Weslocke and Cathartic to finally kill one of the creatures. Veda then goes to help Ethelered and Dunil with the one that had got knocked off the top of the rock. Eventually, Hockerbrecht and Arocken are able to kill the one up on the rock with him and this allows Hockerbrecht to start throwing javelins at the ones on the floor. Eventually, after a hard fought battle and with the party taking some large amounts of damage, they do defeat the 4 Bar-Igura. Ethelered flys up and looks around to see if he can see what the creatures were guarding and sees a couple of items on the top of the small column of rock in the center of the formations. He grabs the stuff and is able to carry it down to where the party is. They find a small sack with gold coins, a magical ring, a magical mace, and a potion. A check reveals that the mace is evil and Weslocke is able to warn Cathartic before she picks it up to claim it. They do take the ring and potion with them along with the bag of coin, which Dunil would never allow to be left behind.

They find there is a passage leading out from the large room on the opposite side and take it since they want to keep going forward. It quickly empties into yet another 30 ft. by 30 ft. room. (By this time the group is getting confused and sort of frustrated with all the square rooms, to which the DM gets to chuckle about.) Going straight, they come to another passage that has markings that show they came from the left and went to the right. They go back to the last square room and take the passage that would have been to the right, when they entered the room. By passing another path that went left, they come to another large cavern room. This room although there are some boulders on the floor, everything slopes toward an 8 ft. wide opening in the floor at the center of the room. Flemin and Ethelered check it out and determin that it goes down a far ways, but eventually it angles off at 45 degrees and would not be good to go sliding out of control down through it without know where it would end up at. As they get back and report thier findings, Hockerbrecht uses his sword to fly to the opposite side of the room and goes down the passage that exits from the other side. He stops when it ends at another passage, and he returns telling the rest of this as he is flying up to them. What Hockerbrecht doesn't see that the rest do is the two round creatures that come out of a recess in the lower wall and start toward the party. In the low light, it looks as if there are 2 beholders headed towards them. Flemin immediately shouts that this is not going to be good and starts to get his light cross bow out to prepare to fire. Since they are easy to get to, Ethelered takes out one of his 4 remaining javelins of lightning and throws it at the closer of the two creatures, hitting it for a great deal of damage. It is at this time that the party finds out that what is coming at them is actually 2 gas spores when they both explode and release thier spore. Luckily for the party, when the javelin hit the first gas spore, it was 30 feet away and the spore was not able to reach the party, thereby keeping everyone from being poisoned.

Since they knew about the other path that was by passed, they go back to see if maybe it will allow for an easier way than trying to cross this angled floor. Fate must have been smiling on them, for this was just the case. They again keep going straight and actually travel a long ways before finally coming to the end of the passage and now have to go either right or left. They go right and when the same options present themselves again, they go right again. This time it leads to another large cavern room with a large black rock in the center.

Flemin looks at the rock and decides that he is going to shoot a crossbow bolt at it. He misses the rock, but Hockerbrecht decides to throw another one of the javelins at and does hit. Much to thier surprise, the rock starts to advance toward them then. Of course now, they see that it isn't a rock, but a very large Rhinocerous Beetle. As they are fighting beetle, suddenly a good sized boulder comes flying from the far side of the room and a Hill Giant comes up to fight along side the beetle. Again the beetle and the giant are able to deal some good amount of damage to the party before they are finally defeated. They search around and find a large leather sack that contains a good amount of gold coins.

At this point we called a stop since it was now 12:30 and our game hosts had been up early for an event that they had attended all day only to get back home just in time for the Tsojcanth game session. They are some real troopers. It may be awhile until the next game session. We will have to see how everyones schedules work out, but don't worry, we will meet again.

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