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Getting down to Business

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Ok folks here's the skinny. First off we still don't know the characters Allen and Darby are playing, no biggie you still have time. If you don't have the phb I can get a digital copy to you through mionet. Keep in mind though, I have limited power outlets and no extra strips in my house.

On to business, you're characters have all lived the last few years of their lives in Nathlekh City ( on the sword coast). It resides on the south easterly tip of the great Gulthandor forest.
You're party has been working together on odd jobs for the town watch, wealthy patrons, etc for about 6 months now and have formed loosely into a group. Just recently Ben's (cleric guy) character received a rather disturbing report from priestess Marla of the same church. She has been studying the history and activity of various demon and death cults. According to Marla's research, witnesses saw a small group of demon cultists traveling toward Winterhaven about a year ago. She has since learned that the head of this group is a dangerous and twisted priest named Kalarel. Marla, and the church, fears that Kalarel has set up a secret cult in the area and is conducting unholy ceremonies. She asks the PCs to travel to Winterhaven, determine if there is any demon cult activity in the area, and, if so, to stamp it out.
The church as agreed to a 250gp reward (each) for bringing back proof that the cult has been destroyed and its plan disrupted.
The adventure will start on King's Road less than a day out of Winterhaven.

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  1. benjaminze's Avatar
    sounds great I just got my handbook and me and ben are getting ready to set up are characters