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An Evening Off

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Originally, last Saturday was slated to be another session of the Tsojcanth game. However, myself (the DM), was on my way towards our meeting place when I came across the local fire departments fire engine on the way to a call. I could see that there was only the driver in the truck, and having a medic background, I turned the truck around and followed the fire engine to a house fire.

Worked out good, since I ended up being the first medic on the scene, in case one was needed. Luckily a paramedic from Frick Hospital showed up after about 10 minutes and we were each able to cover half of the firemen, since it was rather hot out that day. Doesn't take long for those men and women to get overheated in the heavy firefighting gear. Especially since this fire was extremely smokey and they had to have the air masks and gear to enter the house to fight the fire inside. The neighbors across the street supplied us with water and thus we were able to keep them all hydrated. There were trucks and men and women from 6 different fire companies which allowed us to keep rotating the people that were up at the house fighting the fire. The worse part was that it took them awhile to get it knocked out of the ceiling, but the firefighters prevailed and were able to keep the bulk of the major damage to the two back rooms and their ceilings. Fortunately, the owners were not inside and once the fire was out, the firefighters were even able to find and bring the families dog out scared but unharmed. Thankfully, none of the medic personel ended up having to treat anyone and once things were cleaned up, I once again headed towards the game site, although it was now 2 hours later.

When I got to the game site, not everyone was there yet, but those that were, had a good board game in its final stages. I have played the game once, and it is extremely fun. It also isn't the same each time you play it. Since we had some folks that couldn't make it, we decided to just turn the day into a board game day. The next game, Pandemic, I got in on, while the game hosts were in the process of making spaghetti for the group. Just when we thought that we may be able to possibly beat the game, the game beat us like an old carpet being dusted outside on a clothes line.

Next we started a third game, (that I can't remember the name of), that was sort of like D&D. It ran longer than expected and even though it hadn't reached the total conclussion, which is with only one player left that has killed off the rest after obtaining a crown, we called it game and declared the player that had gained the crown the winner. Especially since it was now 4:15 AM on Sunday morning.

As of this posting, we are currenty set to run a shortened session of the Tsojcanth game this Saturday, May 30th. Especially since one of our groups members unfortunately had his work schedule changed on him and can now only make it every other Saturday, and has to work on the opposite ones. Fortunately, he is off on the 30th and I want to take advantage of his ability to make it.

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  1. Otakar's Avatar
    Hey CplMac, that was very cool of you to stop and lend assistance. It sounds like they really appreciated it as well. God bless you, thank you for your service and I hope you had a great Memorial Day!
  2. templeorder's Avatar
    Good prioritization. Glad you were able to have fun too... wish all my game sessions were so rewarding!