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Ravenloft Campaign Notes

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A wonderful week has passed and I dearly hope you all had a great relaxing Memorial Day weekend. For me, I had the chance to pick up the Monster Manual 2 for 4th Edition. Rather than just give a full review...I'll simplify and say it's it if your a dm and you won't regret it.

In other news:
For those of you that haven't been following I've been running Expedition to Ravenloft converted over to 4th Edition. My players and I have been loving every moment of it ! Something odd though happened today. I was doing some research for this weekends game session and NORMALLY I'm not one for you tube videos...but I thought it'd give it a quick search when I found 3 user made videos done VERY well and captured the feeling of the first part of the campaign nicely. So please check them out...

The Adventure Leads off while you are at an inn...a human of foreign lineage walks up to your table and says, "The village of Barovia is in need of'll do"...and hands them

The Letter

which leads to...

The Arrival

Following the trail your quest leads to the Chapel of Barovia where you find the source of the zombie infection wasn't due to some overly sinister plot but of....

Fatherís Love

I wish I had found these videos sooner but it gives you an idea of what my players have been through in the very beginning of this dark tale.

Speaking of Ravenloft I want to invite you all to the Gardens of Stone social group. After many conversations and advice going back and forth between me and Baron Semedi we decided to create a place where all of us Ravenloft gloom dwellers can go to post cool and interesting things. So head over there (you can go there via the link on my profile page) and join up. We'd love to hear your thoughts, old game sessions, new ideas...etc.

Later this week (hopefully today) I'll post the second part of our last game session where my players had an interesting dinner to say the least with Strahd. Misunderstood vampire just trying to get by? Or truly the Devil Strahd the villagers think him to be? You decide...

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  1. Otakar's Avatar
    Very cool, I've never wanted to get into the mire of YouTube for D&D stuff but I may have to reconsider. I might have to move back to that other state known as SoCal just to join your game!
  2. Tamerath's Avatar
    lol, I'm glad you liked it! You're more than welcome that anytime you find yourself out this way to join in on our game.