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Ruel Knudson's GM and Play Logs

CT Campaign Report 1

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CT is the initials for the campaign setting using a cross between Modern Sagas and Fantasy Sagas produced by Ironwood Omnimedia. I can't really release too much information about. However, I can give some updates about how this Sunday's game went. (reposted from my blog)

Getting To Know You
First of all, I was unable to tweet like I wanted due to the connection at my friend's apartment being utter garbage. That little explanation out of the way, onto the details.

We started with a kind of round table. I introduced the game to the new player, Jay (our other player, Terry, was a no show). Jon and James helped with the details, but Jay was rather up to speed having read the player's guidebook I sent him. We discussed the game world, and the rules that are involved and then everyone discussed characters.

Character Generation
Everyone settled on their characters pretty quickly. I gassed up the DPnP Player Character Creator which allowed us to settle on attribute generation and getting the more time consuming part of character generation out of the way. I allowed the players to choose whether they wanted a random roll or point buy. Ironically it seemed that two of the random rolls allowed for a lower point buy cost than they would have had by using point buy. Still, the players stuck with the die rolls because they preferred the results. This was nice to see that they meta gaming aspect, i.e. having the most points on attributes as possible, was not really prevalent.

After that we spent skill points, money, etc. The game world is sort of a near future modern setting. Therefore, we had a good mix of more military like characters (with the exception of Jon).

The Player Characters
Jay plays a mercenary that provides heavy fire support. He carries a rather heavy machine gun. His character is big, tough, and ugly, but gets a lot of metal down field.

James is playing a more marksman like soldier. His character was an ex-intelligence, probably CIA. His talents rely on more precise shooting, which compliments Jay's character well.

Jon plays a 13 year old with a pair of M9's and a pension for grenades (the latter discovered during play). The character is a victim turned avenger. In the game world situation, young kids actually taking up arms is strange, but not unheard of. Jon's character is by no means the youngest character to be found on the battlefields.

Starting the Ad Hoc Game
We than ran an ad hoc game that was rather surprising. I had not prepared for running my campaign yet, as there were too many variables left to discuss before I had settled on the overall direction. Still, the players wanted to jump right in. I tried to move to a Fantasy Sagas Sidetrack. However, as the players were itching to try out their characters, I fell to.

We all decided to set the game in Orlando and the surrounding areas. I am familiar enough with Florida after some extensive travelling I have done here years ago when I was skating shows. I chose to start them in Tampa, as I had little reference except for about a decade old memory. Non of the other players were familiar with Tampa so it was an easy sell. I also wanted the players in a more unfamiliar starting location.

Urban Patrol
In Tampa, in our game world, there is a curfew. Furthermore, the players are part of a group that aren't allowed in the city. The group is helping some refugees come in that will be transported to Orlando. The players were given a cheap pick up truck to run patrols between observation posts scattered around the city. With radio silence in effect, to hide from police and military monitoring. After their first check in they find the next post surrounded by police, S.W.A.T. and other emergency vehicles.

They moved around and onto the next checkpoint. They reported the situation. At this point the group starts packing up their operation. The players are told to make it to the next checkpoints to give them the same orders.

The game went on to them sneaking through back alleys to avoid police cars and helicopters to make it various checkpoints. Some were safe, others were compromised. Then, with about two left to go they turn down a side street to only have the top floors of the building with the next checkpoint explode. They police nearby spot the players and pursuit begins.

Gunfights and Car Chases
They evade that police car, but the helicopter makes things more difficult. They dodge into a parking garage and get ready for the inevitable ground pursuit to get to them. When six cars come to block the entrance Jay let fly with his machine gun as James floors the gas, rams through the barrier of cars, and push through the line. The ramming caused Jay to almost fall down into the bed of the truck. Jon, whose character was holding two grenades, nearly drops the live loads. The police start in hot pursuit. Jon lobs a grenade out the back and takes out one of the cars. His next three grenades go wide and harm no one.

A series of fast turns and bullets firing eventually brings the number of pursuers down to one cop and one helicopter. James is heading for the highway, hoping to hit an on-ramp that will take him back towards I-4 and link up with the rest of the escaping group en route to Orlando. However, his good driving, with only a few narrow misses, could not handle the fast turn onto the ramp. He rolls a 1 and drives straight into the barrier. The cop car squeals to a halt and our heroes leap out of the truck and use it as cover.

On Foot, Vs. Two Cops and a Helicopter
A brief gunfight ensues. James lets two rounds into the car, wounding one of the cops. The others miss, but Jay manages to mess up the cop car pretty badly with his 50 cal. A sniper round from the helicopter that narrowly misses Jay alerts the party to the danger above. Jon, whose character is extremely fast, ran out, popped to rounds into the cop car (missing, but providing enough cover) while Jay and James haul ass under the overpass and take cover into the columns. The fire fight is quick and bloody for the cops. Its an unfortunate loss in that way, but in this way, the cops are on the other side of a war so please look at this as an opposing force. The characters are not Criminals in the sense of modern criminals. They are soldiers in a global civil war.

Anyways, a message needs to be sent via the radio in the truck, and the helicopter is still keeping the players stuck under the overpass. Jon runs out to the truck, two rounds miss, and he dives into the truck and sends out the distress call. Meanwhile, while the sniper is zeroed on the truck waiting for Jon to try to get out, Jay creeps up the other side of the overpass, sets up his 50 cal, and zeros on the helicopter.

Jon gets out the message, but learns only that the entire operation has gone to crap fast. All operatives are heading out and things are too hot to send backup. They tell them to get underground and stay low if possible and try to find a way out of the city.

At this point Jay lets fly with the 50 cal. The helicopter is hit hard and flies off with fuel leaking and smoke billowing from its rear rotor.

The fighting stopped, the characters take stock. The police car is inoperable due to the firefight (notable the 50 cal). The players do grab a police radio and then move into the city.

We stopped there. Now, with the characters trapped behind enemy lines, with no vehicle, limited ammo, and no friends in site, they will have to get out of the city and get back to Orlando. The next game session promises to be very interesting, and I am already cooking up plans to engage them.

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