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Astrology - how you can make it work

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Ok, we all know the fantasy theme of portents, omens, and prophecy. After years of trying, i think i finally found a way to make it work as an ability/skill (at least in my Incarna system). Without a lot of details, i'll give you all a working model.

There is a basic assumption that it works. I have an entire treatise on belief and astrology and how belief can impact it - that's really up to the GM, i'll present the mechanic model here only.

1) You must have basic mechanics for good luck (you get a bonus/advantage) and bad luck (enemy gets penalty/disadvantage).
2) Mover: the base of the astrology skill.
3) Divination: mover X wants to perform action Y on target Z

There are two types of moments - propitious (good for the mover = minor good luck) and ominous (bad for the target = minor bad luck).

A reading must be done on the target. The GM makes the check. A new reading can be done each time the astrologer increases their skill. Then a divination can be made - specify which type of moment is sought. If the reading on the target failed, then ominous divinations will fail - don't tell the PC's. Otherwise, the divination will reveal the (ominous or propitious) moment in time/space that the target and mover act in (i.e. sunrise on the third day or march) - the GM has to step in here and make a call. Simple good luck or bad luck are granted to the appropriate targets for the actions they specified in the divination (attack usually - but it could be casting some other divination spell on a target or anything really).

There is a cost - the cost is basically that the power spent in astrology does not return until after the moment is over - use the knowledge or not (and these moments may be days, weeks, or months in the future). This could be a fuel (mana or whatever) or a spell slot, etc.

There, thats the real basics (i have advanced rules that cover specialties and convergences - best moment which grants both bonus for movers AND penalties for targets). You can plug in the rest for your system. If you publish anything, just mention me/link to post please, but ultimately its not necessary - hope someone out there uses this and has fun with it.

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  1. wulfdesign's Avatar
    Sweet, sounds good.
    Can't wait to use it as a GM against the PC's.
    In retrospect the 'Witch of Dwindor Swamp' could have used it against the Gwinnish troops she ambushed to gain their sloop.