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Tower Lord

Old School and Hello

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Itís been a long while from my first dungeon. I laugh, looking back, on how basic and amateurish it was then. But as a young man I did not care, I was having fun and being creative. This was the early days of D&D, back when everyone was trying to define the hobby and what an RPG was supposed to be. Now the games are slicker, more professional and come in a wide verity of experiences. D&D has reved over and over, having little to do with its roots as itís moved forward in to someone else side of what D&D should be for the new era.
Is 4.0 bad, no. I like it, it has its moments. Will I run it again, I donít know personally. It creates a certain kind of game Iím not interested in running. Iím rolling back the clock to an earlier time for me. What the hell I say, these days old is new anyway.
Old School. What a term, what does It mean, who really knows. For me its that dungeon, like in the old days, the big underground sand box we used to play in, a place all of the adventures were spawned. The deeper you go, the more danger you face, the more danger you face, and survive, the more power you control. Pretty basic concept if you ask me. Combines the older sword and sorcery adventures along with the Gygaxian settings and styles.
I have chosen T&T 5.0 as my system, this is something of an experiment, I hope I can find players interested in this style. Iíll keep you all posted.

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  1. Arch Lich Thoth-Amon's Avatar
    I believe you speak for many of us with your ponderings, Tower Lord. Gaming and DnD has come a very long way in its 30+ years, and it is my hope that it will continue long after we're gone. Hopefully it share the great memories with the newer generations as it has with us.

    I noticed TnT is your game of choice. If you would, please comment more about it on my thread, for i am interested. Thanks.

    Tunnels and Trolls: Share your experiences...

    Updated 05-25-2009 at 03:47 PM by Arch Lich Thoth-Amon