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Tales of the Olde Phoenix

I <sarcasm> Love </sarcasm. Home Improvment.

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No gaming reports? Wonder why?

We are painting the bedroom and repairing the damaged plaster work this week. Sue is home form work. We started Monday, and have yet to touch paint.

Rip out the damaged plaster and remove the bottom window trim. Two slight nicks to the right hand. Par for the course in demo work. That went simply enough.

Big Issue, the window sill is split, warped and rotting. Must be replaced. Custom cut hunk of wood made by some long dead carpenter with his own three hands. Break out the power tools and all those hours watching The New Yankee Workshop.

Cut and install the drywall. Not a big deal. Tuesday we have the drywall in and are ready for plaster. That is a slight deal as we have to blend the irregular wet wall thickness into the dry wall.

Wednesday was getting stuff and plaster work. Nothing drastic there.

Thursday it went to Hell. I gashed my right thumb open on a wood chisel and that took four stitches. We didn't have the bits we need for the router table (Nothing to do with computers.) So we cannot finish the window sill.

Friday more running around with my thumb bandaged up for it's own protection. We got the router bits, the window sill is done and we have one more layer of plaster. We STILL have not touched paint. Doing anything is a bear as I have one and a half hands. It still falls to me to do the bits that involve power tools.

We have three more days to finish this mess. Ghodd help us we are going to need it.

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