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The Doors of Castle Ravenloft Are Opening....Will You Be Ready?

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Wow, Our next session is coming fast upon us this Saturday. It gave me a lot of ideas while I take a brief break to play around here in my blog.

So Will You Be Ready?

So shortly before the group made their way to Castle Ravenloft I gave them one last opportunity to buy what they I feel it's going to be a long haul for them from here on out. So what did they buy? Are they indeed ready? and what does it take to survive in a dungeon for extended periods of time? All great questions

I come from a really old school way of thinking and one of my friends at our bi-weekly game suggested this to his fellow players and I'll post it here because it was a great piece of advice

Jermaine thank you

Jermaine's Advice: "As a player you gotta picture yourself in almost any situation you'll find yourself in. You gotta think...if I get stuck in a will I climb out. What do I do for nurishment while in a dungeon so long, what if I'm trying to run away from a creature? You gotta almost picture before hand what a DM is going to throw at you and best guess what you can do to survive through it."

That's pretty awesome advice to any player. Sometimes the mundane or utility equipment comes last when you are planning your gear as a player. Especially at heroic tier though, I think it should be taken into account along with your armor and weapon allotment. You can probably get by with a lower damage weapon or lower grade armor because you'll probably find better along the way.

What would Tamerath take?
Well, unfortunately my aristocratical spoiled-noble swordmage wouldn't take crap with him and be the least prepared of all the huh?..metagaming is a nasty *****, but even spoiled noble swordmages will eventually learn that those minor trinkets that are beneath his stature will probably be best served in his inventory than a shiny diamond or ornate mirror...and definately over the expensive clothing he wears...

Okay...what would Tamerath take if he wasn't playing such a annoying priss?!
HEY! That's MY annoying priss you are talking about!

Adventurer's Kit: rope, bedroll, backpack, flint and steel, 2 sunrods, beltpouch, 10 days worth of food, and a waterskin (basic gear)

Hammer, and Spikes (to secure a nights stay while in a dungeon)

ROPE..lots of ROPE: Your Adventurer's Kit came with 50 feet..what happens beyond that?

Food and Water: Probably around level 6 you can afford or ask for everlasting provisions...but till then it's crusty old bread and dried meat for you to eat and stale water....but trust me it's a lot better than what they have in a dungeon....

ORNATE MIRRORS!!!!: SHUT UP SWORDMAGE!!!!.....well...not ornate mirrors...but a small mirror to slide around a corner is good for sneaking around passages when you don't want to be seen but want to take a look around a corner. ((Note: in 2nd and 3rd Edition these were a must while fighting basalisks and medusa)

Leomunds secret chest: It's a ritual in 4th Edtion, and a general spell before that. Good news is that in 4th it won't be taking up a spell slot best suited for an attack spell) what's it do? You create a chest prior to this ritual and place it anywhere you wish...then when this ritual is cast it summons the chest to put your heavy crap inside said chest..then it vanishes again to previous location. It's an awesome level 6 ritual.

Climber's Kit: I overlooked this in 4th Edition but's worth it. spikes, 10 pitons, a small hammer, and a grappling hook...not only that...+2 bonus to Athletics checks while climbing....

Lanterns and OIL....OIL for goodness sake!: you might want a little extra light...and the lantern is good for this....but don't forget to buy plenty of oil....which not only is useful in lanterns...but other stuff you want to light up with FIRE to BURN

Thieves' Tools: Nessessity for you trained in the skill....

Ale: It's 2 sp man! Fill up that "Waterskin" with some happy juice for you and your'll be a much better time.

Hope you Enjoyed This Weeks Blog...and I'll see you in the dungeon (Hopefully I won't be the skeleton of a long dead adventurer holding a wine filled flask)

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Updated 05-13-2009 at 11:10 AM by Tamerath

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  1. InvestFDC's Avatar
    Are there no permanent spells in 4th ed. such as Continual Flame?
  2. Arch Lich Thoth-Amon's Avatar
    I enjoyed reading your blog, Tamerath. Keep it going, with all the adventuring goodiness of game play.

  3. Frank Jamison's Avatar
    There is an Everburning Torch! I'll also be packing a few sunrods for when we need some really bright light.

    I also have a small silver mirror for those peek-around-the-corner times.

    Everlasting provisions is a level 4 item that is good for the whole party!

    100' of rope and a climber's kit for when the need arises and a Hunter's Flint and oil for some fiery goodness are also in my backpack (thanks for the advice Tamerath!)

    I have some other goodies up my sleeve as well, so I think I'm all ready. Let the good times roll!
  4. Tamerath's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by InvestFDC
    Are there no permanent spells in 4th ed. such as Continual Flame?
    Well, Wizards still got their light's not permanent...but there's no limit to how much you can cast it and not that much fuss to dispel either. There are some rituals that are the top of my head enchant/disenchant magic item. Rituals in 4E are pretty much the utility spells they had in the past with some new twists and stuff, once you see them in play they are pretty sweet actually. There's a boat load of rituals that last for a good while depending on how well you roll.
  5. Otakar's Avatar
    Hey Tamerath, Keep up the posts! I can't wait to see what happens in Ravenloft.